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Businesses need more than just a website today, they need a website that actually converts into new customers.  What this means is that your business may have a website but if that website is not actually creating new revenue for your business then it is not much value to you.  Focus Internet Services has been in business for more than ten years doing exactly this, creating search engine optimization programs for websites to make money for businesses by creating new customers.  This process starts with either modifying your existing website or building you a new one, based on a combination of specific items.  The website must look great, tell customers what you do and what you sell, be able to be updated regularly and also have all of the elements in place that Google is looking for.  Organic rankings on Google for the terms that describe your business is how potential customers find you, and our SEO programs have provided consistent and long-term rankings for our clients for nearly a decade.  We provide the things that Google is looking for, and as a result Google ranks your website in places where customers are looking for you.  We do not use any tricks or “black hat” techniques that can get your site penalized or banned, and instead we provide the ongoing work that makes Google realize you are the leader in your field.  Our philosophy for our clients is to “simply be the best, and prove it to Google and your customers.”