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Global SEO

There is a distinct difference between GLOBAL SEO and LOCAL SEO, and the wrong strategy employed on your campaign can have disastrous effects.  Global SEO is the targeting of keyphrases and traffic within a global environment, meaning that you are attempting to attract potential customers to your website from all over the world.  This strategy has the obvious benefits of huge potential sales if you are able to service customers who are not located in an area that they can physically travel to your store, and also has the pitfalls of global competition.  Essentially, as you attempt to compete in areas that are outside of a specific physical area, you are competing with every other website on earth that is attempting to capture that space.  Your competition level for products that you sell on your website outside of your local area is not the same as inside, and what this means is that if you have a physical store with a specific location in a city, you can exploit the localized portions of Google’s algorithm to display your website to customers within that region.  If you are also selling products online, those customers within that region will see you and be able to buy from you.  If you are targeting potential customers outside of the physical region of your store, the localization effort will not help you rank globally.  As a matter of fact, there are specific instances where too much localization can harm your global rankings, as Google perceives you as only servicing a specific market.

Global SEO is far more difficult as the competition for the keyphrases involves every website on earth within that space.  While it may seem like a dream to sell your products all over the world, you might be setting yourself up for failure on a local basis if you only shoot for the global market.  Carefully decide your strategy before beginning a global SEO campaign.