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Global Vs. Local SEO

What is “Local SEO?”

There are two kinds of search engine optimization, global and local. Global SEO focuses on large scale generic keywords to get traffic to a website. Local SEO focuses on generic keywords modified with a local environment to get specific traffic from an area to a website. For example, indexing for the word “car wash” is wonderful, however it probably will not bring much actual traffic to your business. The reason is that searches for “Las Vegas car wash” are returning local results that people can use to make a choice about where to spend their money. While a global indexing might show lots of traffic, it probably isnt’ going to result in sales because people are not willing to drive from one state to another just because your website showed up in that list. Local SEO utilizes locally modified search phrases and keywords, as well as local results listed in the major engines specialized “local” sections. Google Places/Maps is an example of this concept. If you are not listed in the Places section, you are not being found locally. Focus manages local SEO for businesses that draw customers from a specific geographic location.

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