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Focus Internet Services is a full service “internet marketing agency.” What this means is that we provide a full range of services that utilize the internet as a platform in order to market your business.  While you have the ability to utilize our company to provide you with any combination of our specialties, we prefer to utilize as many of our techniques in combination as is appropriate for your business and goals.  In the past, internet marketing could easily be divided into different types that existed on their own, and which did not have a great effect on one another.  Today, we find that each form of advertising that is housed on the internet and accessible by a computer connected to the web is influencing others.  For example, the design of your website has a direct effect on the success of your SEO program, and no matter how good the SEO is, a poorly designed and structured website will compromise the effort.  As another example, rankings today are directly influenced by social media engagement and brand mentions, as well as social shares or links to your website pages.  If we are not utilizing a social media strategy to seed the content on your website to an audience, then we are relying on people to find it even though they do not know it exists.  Our social media management services combine social engagement on a promotional level, but also on an SEO level.  If the two are not connected, then the SEO will not perform as well.  For this reason, we will create a fully rounded strategy for your consideration which will take all of the appropriate elements for your business and use as many of them as is possible within the budget.

Our internet marketing services include:

  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Review/citation Management
  • PPC and Offsite Marketing
  • Digital Design For Ads