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We are the oldest and most trusted SEO company in Las Vegas.  We are locally owned and operated, and our corporate office is located at 10329 Grizzly Forest Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89178. We have additional offices in Las Vegas located at 5940 S Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada 89118.  We can be reached for a free consultation regarding your SEO project at 702-997-1252, or by filling out the contact form. Las Vegas based businesses can benefit from a Las Vegas SEO company based on our ability to conduct in persona meetings as well as our specific knowledge of the area.

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One of the questions that we are constantly asked is about the necessity of the best SEO company that you hire to be local to the are that your business resides.  As a Las Vegas seo company, the majority of our customers are businesses in the Las Vegas area, but what we need to address is the actual reasons behind this majority.  Search engine optimization services are specific for a geographic area, but are actually universally the same with regards to the way they are achieved.  The real reasoning behind the majority of our business clients being located within the Las Vegas area is because we are able to meet with them in person, and have a more specific knowledge of the area than an seo firm from another state.  Our ability to relate to a Las Vegas business from the perspective of also being a Las Vegas business creates a more comfortable relationship from a trust sense….and they know where they can find us in person if they need to!

The majority of our meetings, reports and conversations still happen over the phone, through email or through online chats.  Even though the business that we are providing services for is located within a few miles of our office, we still communicate through these methods because there is really no reason beyond comfort to be physically present in their office during a meeting.  Once they understand that we are real people who live here, they gravitate toward the easiest methods of conversation (which happen to be the same methods that are available to businesses on the other side of the world.)  While we have clients form other countries, other states and all over the planet, we still find that the majority of our clients are located within twenty miles of our office just because it feels better for everyone.

Can a professional Las Vegas SEO company provide as good of service to a business located in another state as a local seo would for them? The answer is absolutely! When we are dedicated to a “local seo” campaign for a business that draws customers from a local community and nowhere else, our strategic efforts shift toward the local aspects of Google, Bing and Yahoo.  We place more emphasis on these aspects of online marketing than we would for an international business that services customers from all over the world and just happens to be located in a certain area.  When we concentrate on the local aspects of search engines, we are referring to maps listings, Google +, authorship standings, localized links, citations from local areas on review websites, and other specific tactics that specify the local area that the business exists, in addition to the aspects of information that are contained on the website itself.  The matching of this information, as well as the using it in order to provide more easy to access information about business products and services for customers, creates the higher localized rankings within the city where the business is located.  The same business will not rank in other areas for the same general searches that are conducted from that other area, but that is fine because customers would not drive to you from that area anyway.  This is the strategic difference between “local seo” and “national seo.”

Being located physically in Las Vegas assists in the communication process that we maintain with other businesses which are also located in Las Vegas.  Everyone would rather meet in person, at least in the beginning, so that you know who you are dealing with and can get a sense of their demeanor as a person.  The professional services of search engine optimization that are provided through our business are applicable to any location, provided we change that target area from Las Vegas to the local area of the business.  Las Vegas does have many interesting qualities that make it unique and challenging, however.  The fact that a search for Las Vegas entertainment” is going to yield results that are more specific to an international crowd than a local crowd means that we need to assess the methods used and strategically target in a way that other cities do not have to.  This makes us unique as a city and a business community….and at the end of the day this understanding is also what probably makes us a far better choice for a Las Vegas business when sourcing a Las Vegas SEO.

Why is seo important to your business? That’s simple, because seo is the determining factor that puts certain websites above others on search engines like Google.  The specific elements of seo involve onsite content and keywords, as well as backlinks to the content.  SEO itself can be summed up by these three things, and an understanding of how they work together is what causes one site to outrank another.  To explain, content creation on your website is the most important aspect of seo in that you need to provide text and associated content on your site in order for Google to understand what your site is about.  Within that content is going to be keywords and associated comparison keywords.  What this means is that inside the content itself Google is finding certain words that it is assuming that your site is about based upon their use, proximity, volume, etc.  Google also understands that certain keywords are pretty much the same as other keywords, so the word “company” and “companies” is the same to them for the sake of content comparison.  From these keywords and content, Google develops an understanding of what you are trying to discuss, and understands what the content is about.  Google has no real way of knowing if your content is superior to other website’s content that is in the same genre, and therefor it relies on backlinks as the last part of the seo puzzle.  Backlinks are considered “votes” for the content being applicable to real people in that Google assumes that if someone is going to link to it from  their website, then it must be relevant.  However, once seo companies understood how important this was, they began exploiting schemes to build links to the content themselves, from creating other websites which specifically provide links, to purchasing links on high ranking websites.  Because the exploitation of linking schemes essentially caused websites that were lesser quality to outrank better quality sites, Google had to come up with a verification system in order to judge the quality of the links coming in to a site, and essentially “judge” them.  What they implemented was a system that basically compares the structures of website and understands the tone of the content on that site in order to determine if it is a good link or a bad link.  If there are lots of links coming off of the page, then it is probably a bad link that is selling it’s space or attempting to boost rankings elsewhere using its own space.  If it says “buy links” anywhere on the page, then there is a good chance that the page is violating Google’s terms by selling space.  If there is only thin content on the website, and very little has to do with the subject that it is linking to, then it is probably a bad link.  On the other hand, if the content is linked to from a website that is entirely about the subject, and is linked to by other websites about that subject, then it is probably a very good link.  If there is lots of content and almost no other outbound links from the page, it is probably a good link.  It is through this type of comparison that Google determines if the “votes” for your content are good or bad, and your positions on search results move in response to these comparisons up against the profiles of other websites.

SEO itself is summed up pretty well by Bluehost on this video:

In the video, search engine optimization is broken down into it’s components so that a typical business owner can understand what goes into ranking.  However there are updates to the seo landscape involving localization that are not addressed, simply because they are too new.  Keep in mind that Google is constantly evolving with regards to how it judges websites, and one of the aspects that they have realized is very important is that people searching for certain types of things are looking for the results to display local businesses near them.  That they basically do is try to figure out that if a person is searching for “Las Vegas seo services” and their ip address is within the Las Vegas area, then they probably want to see a list of seo services from Las Vegas (us being one of those services!) In order for Google to understand the physical presence and location of your business, there are additional steps that the seo company must take in order to give more weight to the client website for localized search.  This involves getting a Google + page set up for the business, verifying it with a phone call or a post card, then developing the content on the page to reflect the tone of the content on the website.  It is kind of like a Facebook page for the business, only it is directly connected through a process.  Google can then look at the information flowing through the page on a daily basis, as well as comparing the people who follow the page and their interests, in order to figure out an even better understanding of the information presented.  Although there is not a crucial necessity to utilize a Google + profile as well as an authorship status, it is of a great assistance to the process, and will give you an edge in the local market.  This type of local seo is the difference between national brands and local brands, and you must establish which one you are in order to do effective seo in today’s landscape.


While you can find plenty of Las Vegas seo companies targeting Las Vegas in their own seo strategies due to the fact that there are many large businesses here (that they would love to have as customers,) we are a true Las Vegas SEO agency with offices here in town.  Give us a call to discuss your project…we would be happy to come to your office and meet you in person today! For example, we were recently engaged by a Las Vegas artificial turf company to pick up where another Las Vegas SEO company had failed to get results.  They had been doing SEO for many years targeting the term “artificial turf Las Vegas” in an attempt to move the site up past position number 10.  The last company had been able to move the site from a very poor position to the front page, but was never able to get to anything higher than the bottom position.  Upon analysis of their strategy, we found that they were using a link building technique that seems valid, but actually doesn’t provide results.  They were writing a single article on artificial turf and embedding a link back to the site from it.  They took this same article and posted it on about 50 different websites every month, showing the client that there was 50 links built each month.  The problem was that Google views 49 of these links as duplicate content, and does not consider them.  You can check this by copying a few lines of text from an article and then pasting it into Google, what comes up in their results is what they recognize.  If more than one website containing that link is not being shown in the results, then all of those other links that were built  made it look like a lot of work was being done, but that work produces no results because Google is not considering them.  The strategy was much like ours would be, except for that one part of it.  Our strategy is to write a completely unique article for every link we attempt, instead of trying to re-use the same content on different sites.  That way, Google recognizes about 5 new links every month, instead of only one.  Our spreadsheet isn’t as impressive because it looks like we did not do as much work, but each article taking about an hour to write and distribute means we were actually working far more than they were.  There is no automation to our process, but it produces more links and therefore better rankings.  At the current time, the client site is slowly rising in the Las Vegas SEO search field, and although the progress is slow because there has been so much duplication in the past, we are gaining better rankings where previously there was no movement.