Focus Internet Services

Local SEO

Local SEO is a search engine optimization campaign that modifies the targeted search phrases to include a specific region.  Along with the specific spaces that Google provides to display localized businesses within an area and the citation/review websites that provide the ability for customers to review your business, a localized SEO strategy enables your business to be displayed in searches for specific phrases from people physically located in the region you service.  Localized SEO is appropriate for businesses with physical locations in a specific area who only provide goods or services to that area, and are not attempting to be seen by a global audience.

If we ask you the question “can you provide your goods or services to someone in another city,” and you answer yes, a global SEO strategy might be for you.  If you do not have the budget to compete with every website that provides the same goods or services, then stick with a local SEO strategy and capture your local market.