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A couple of months ago we wrote an article about the fact that Donald Trump was tweeting about Jeb Bush (while he was still in the race) and alluding to the fact that he had purchased his website and rerouted it to show Donald Trump’s campaign site.  We did a[…]

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Online Marketing is Powerful

Small business owners must understand that the most powerful form of advertising available to them from a cost standpoint is online marketing and search engine optimization. SEO is the process by which a SEO company manipulates the website and the inbound links to that website in order to push the[…]

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Why I Own a Las Vegas Agency

Because I own a Las Vegas advertising agency, I feel I have the ability to comment on the needs of small businesses with regards to exposure within their local community. Many people believe that advertising on the Internet is only really available to businesses that have a global presence, and[…]

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