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SEO Marketing For Vape Shops

How do you market your vape shop? There has been a huge issue with getting the word out about your shop since Google made the decision to eliminate the possibility of using PPC campaigns for anything that is potentially comparable to tobacco shops.  Google clearly states that “products designed to[…]

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Google’s Quality Guidelines

Many people are unaware that there are large teams of people who are reviewing website content and providing feedback to Google in order to make the results that are returned when someone searches for something a little more relevant.  Google has made a business out of positioning the most appropriate[…]

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Location Based SEO

Over the course of the last year there have been many changes to the Google algorithm which have made it more difficult for SEO tracking.  Essentially, the complete integration of a local 3 pack into results, as well as the localization of the universal results delivered below it, have made[…]

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