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When choosing an Las Vegas SEO company or a web designer, it is very important to understand what they are doing for you, how they work and what you are buying.  Too many people get confused about what to expect because of a lack of understanding of the SEO process.  Other people fall for the pitches of salesmen who promise them the world for cheap, only to find out later that they didn’t get any results.  SEO is a long=term process that gradually moves your website higher on search engines for specific terms that we are targeting.  This takes time, and any company that tells you they will change a few things in the website code and that will make you be number one is lying to you.  Think about it, if it were that easy wouldn’t your competition already be doing that exact same thing?

Our process of moving websites higher on search engines through SEO is easy to understand.  For a more in-depth description of how it works, click here: How Our SEO Services Work. Our process involves giving Google and other search engines exactly what they want.  If you look on Google for “how search engine optimization works” you will find lots of articles on the subject, and they will all have different approaches.  Read through a few of them and you will realize quickly that there are a few elements that are mentioned in all of them, those things being content and links.  These are the things that Google is looking for in order to decide which websites are presenting the best information on the subject that someone is searching for.  There are other elements as well, but these are the main two.  Our SEO process produces these two things for you, each and every month.  We write content on the subjects that you want to rank for, and we place that content on your website, or on other websites with a link back to yours.  This is what Google is looking for, information on the subject and links that go to articles that cover that subject more in depth.  The articles on other websites link back to yours to prove that you are the expert on the subject.

“So how much SEO do I need, how long will it last, and how much does this cost?” We try to answer these questions in a way everyone can understand, without simply selling you a package that we make up.  SEO is not a “one-size-fits-all” thing, and each project is different based upon the competition for that search term.  If you want to be number one on Google world-wide for the term “funny t-shirts” it is going to take a huge amount of work and time.  If you want to be number one on Google in Las Vegas for the term “veterinarian” it is going to take less work because there are not as many competing businesses. So what we do is look over how competitive the terms you are targeting are, and we give you a rough estimate on how much work we think it will take every month to compete with the websites that are already ranking.  This literally translates to how many hours we work for you every month, which is what you are buying.  We have an hourly price that we work for, and your budget dictates how many hours you are hiring us for each month.  We write articles on the subjects that are at least 500 words long, and we put those articles on websites, either yours or others.  Each 500 word article takes about an hour to complete and interlink, so if you book ten hours every month, you will generally get ten articles.  Sometimes we need to use some of that time to do other SEO tasks like changing around your website structure, or redoing titles and descriptions.  Some times we need to take some time to resize pictures to make your site load faster.  Sometimes we need to redo your site completely, or even make changes to it that will make it work better for customers.  We prioritize the most important things and do them first.  Then we use the remaining time to do ongoing SEO for you.

How long this all takes is difficult to answer, because the competition is always changing.  There are always new businesses entering your market, or existing businesses changing their websites or their SEO programs.  We need to compete with them, so basically the answer is “as long as it takes, possibly forever.” If you think that SEO means a few changes to the site and you will be number one forever, then you do not understand SEO enough and will probably waste your money.  Our goals are always to work for you, doing the things that Google is looking for and creating long-term rankings, positions and value.  We don’t lie to our customers, and we don’t BS them.

Our Proven SEO Process Produces Results


We meet with you to discuss your project.  We meet in person if possible, and if not then on the phone.  It is important for us to understand what you are trying to accomplish.


Our SEO process takes careful planning.  We analyze the keywords that you want to rank for, and create a plan to get you there.


This is pretty simple.  We grind.  We work hard.  We deliver on the work we are contracted to do.


We evaluate performance every month and provide you with a report of where we stand.  We make constant adjustments to the plan to make sure we are providing what is necessary.


We don’t fool around.  SEO takes time.  We don’t over promise.  We try hard to over deliver.

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