Are Wix websites good for SEO? 

Are Wix websites good for SEO?  This is one of the most popular questions that is asked of search engine optimization company is because most businesses are considering all of the different aspects of marketing that are going to cost money.  When you are considering doing search engine optimization as part of your marketing plan, you will either be spending everywhere from a few hundred to a few $1000 per month on the SEO services themselves, or facing a significant amount of work with regards to doing it yourself.  Having to build a new website to accommodate these new changes is probably not time that you would enjoy spending, or money.  And a new website can cost thousands of dollars to complete, and if you are embarking on a new marketing campaign there is a good chance that you would rather to conserve that money.  The question invariably comes up “can we use our old website or can we use one of those free websites?” the answer is pretty simple, you must think of rankings as a race between you and your competition, and you are attempting to drive an old and slow car against race cars.  The website that you are working with is going to have an impact on the effectiveness of the search engine optimization program.

Wix gives you the ability to have a nicely displayed website that is able to be put on line in only a few hours, but their platform does not give you the majority of SEO capabilities that having a professional website built can have.  They do allow you to manipulate title tags and descriptions as well as are beginning to offer some aspects of search engine optimization that would be considered slightly beyond basic, an example being their ability to now determine canonical tags as well as rich data, but these elements are only the very basic aspects of onsite search engine optimization.  This means that you will be relying almost exclusively on your content in order to outrank your competition who has the ability to manipulate more elements of search engine optimization to their advantage.  In a less than competitive landscape, this may be enough to gain you behind rankings that you are seeking.  If there is a decent amount of competition within your niche, or there are a significant amount of websites that are all vying for the same positions, chances are these basic elements will not be enough to allow you to outrank the competing sites.  If you create a large amount of high quality content on the topic, there is a possibility that you will be able to use that aspect of SEO to outrank them, but this means that you are ultimately relying upon a gun with only a few bullets, compared to your competing web sites that have a full arsenal.  In a nutshell, the answer is that Wix websites are not necessarily bad for SEO and are not structured in a way that is going to hinder your rankings.  They did not give you a full capability to manipulate as many aspects that will impact search engine optimization as a personally built website will, which can heavily influence your ability to outrank your competition.  If you are trying SEO on your own and don’t rely on rankings for business, then a Wix website should be fine, but if you are relying on this site to generate new business, it is worth the extra money to pay for a WordPress website.

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