Avoid Automated Backlink Software To Avoid Ranking Penalties

I saw an ad on Facebook this morning showing a 10 minute video of a man claiming he could get any website to rank on page one of Google in a matter of minutes. He said that he would prove it by doing it live in the video, using a software system that his company had developed. While giving an introduction about how important back links are to ranking, he showed the software that his company had developed and how it works.  He said that he would be ranking the website for the terms “driving school Orlando Florida” and would get somewhere on to the first page in a matter of minutes.  The video that showed how the software works, creating the title and an article along with the website URL and a few other pieces of information.  If the software allows for the article to have certain phrases replaced by comparative phrases, an old school technique of creating a single article and turning it into hundreds of variations.  This information was then click through the software system in order to create thousands of back links, which ultimately shows google that the website that is being targeted is an important source of information, since so many other websites link back to it.  The man then went to google and showed that a website matching that same URL was ranking in the number one position.  It was a very powerful marketing message that seemed to show easy it is to gain a number one ranking.  The problem is everything about this system completely violates the terms of service of google, and will ultimately result in the website being penalized.

It is very important to avoid these types of marketing schemes if you are serious about gaining rankings for your business website.  The reason for this is that because automated back links are against the terms of service of google, wants you are identified as being a website that participates in this kind of activity you will be penalized.  Penalization will range from a pushing down of your website a few positions to a plus three or plus six which is pushing your website to the third or six page.  If you are viewed by google as being a very gratuitous user of these types of illegal links, they may even completely remove you from the index.  For a marketing company who has the ability to build websites very quickly, this may not be a big deal because they can simply move on to the next URL, but for anyone who has spent time and money building a business as other marketing materials associated with it, having to change your URL and rebuild your website can be a very expensive mistake.  This is why you need to take into consideration if it would be beneficial for you to rank in a high position for a short time until you are caught and then have to redo everything, vs.  doing it correctly and within the terms of service.  Another thing about these types of marketing messages is that they were careful not to show which website they would be rankings before putting it through the software.  This means that the website could have already been ranking in a number one position long before this video was ever made.  As a matter of fact, there is a good chance that this particular web site was not even a client of this marketing firm, and the back links that would be built would ultimately penalize the site.  Because we do not know if this website ever actually benefited from this type of program, more do we know what will happen to the website’s rankings in the future because of this kind of activity, all we can do is look at the current situation and understand that by violating the terms of service that google specifically lays out, we are risking a potential delisting of the website completely.  While it might be tempting to just try it to see if you can gain rankings for a long time, you must realize that attempting to reverse a penalization is far more difficult than getting rankings in the first place.  Google suggests that you contact every web site that has a spam link on it and ask them to remove it, but we have actually seen that there are websites out there which will charge you to remove your link from their pages, if they even respond to contact at all.  While it is possible to disavow spam links through google itself, it is difficult to regain the authority status that you once had once google has levied a penalty on to you.  Precede with caution, and the best advice we can give is not to participate in SEO shortcuts that promise higher rankings.

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