Bad SEO Will Destroy Your Rankings (The Case Of Absolute Dental)

If you look at the website for Absolute Dental in Las Vegas, you will notice that at the bottom of the site there is a credit stating “website design and optimization by Levy Online.” While there is no doubt that the design of the website can be credited to Levy Online, I find it pretty amazing that they would actually credit themselves with optimization for the site, simply because the site has no rankings. Absolute Dental does not rank anywhere near the first page of Google for nearly any term that describes the business, and as a matter of fact they don’t rank in the first 10 pages for most of the terms. The single term that they maintain a position for is actually “Las Vegas dentist” which shows their Google Maps listing on the first page, however this has virtually nothing to do with the website, and is a carryover from the previous SEO campaign that created the listing. The reason that Absolute Dental having no rankings for even the most obvious keyphrases like “affordable dentist in Las Vegas” is because they entrusted their campaign to a bad SEO company…..a really, really bad SEO company. Levy Online has managed to get the Absolute Dental website completely deranked on Google for nearly every keyword that would describe them. How can we be so sure? Because we were their SEO company before Levy, and we had them at a top three position for nearly every keyphrase we tracked.

Absolute Dental utilized Big Bulldog SEO for SEO for five years, and we were responsible for building their daily traffic to their website to more than 400 unique viewers per day, the majority of which came from the local Las Vegas area and were potential customers. People searching for “affordable dentist,” “emergency dentist,” “dentist office,” “best dentist,” etc. all found Absolute Dental in the top results when they searched for a dentist in the Las Vegas area. We did not need to utilize pay-per-click at all, and had a total PPC budget of zero because we dominated the organic positions. At some point about two years ago, the decision was made to consolidate all marketing into a single company, and Levy Online secured a new client to redesign the website and do search engine optimization for. Fast forward to two years later and Absolute Dental is no longer organically ranked for anything except the single maps listing that is cued on occasional searches (the one that we set up.)

If you do not believe that a bad seo company, or a company that does not understand seo but claims to do it, can hurt your business….just look at Absolute Dental as an example. The dominant player in the Las Vegas market can no longer get rankings on Google.

We have provided a follow up post discussing potential causes of the Absolute Dental rankings drop here: Absolute Dental

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