The Basics Of SEO

The Basics Of SEO

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Search engine optimization is a process by which elements of a website are manipulated in order to gain higher positions on search engines for specific words.  Usually, search engine optimization is done as an attempt to create rankings that will be within the first few results better returned by search engine, in order to position a business within the visual field of potential customers who are searching for their products or services.  In this way, search engine optimization as a form of advertising like any other form, with the majority of potential business going to the places that have the best visual presentation.  On search engines, the best visual presentation are the results that are near the top of page one when someone searches for a particular product or service that you offer.  Most people will not move past the first few results in order to make their decision.  They will simply scan the first page or maybe even the first few results, and narrow their list of choices to a few from this list of first page results.  People do not feel that they need to do more research then this with regards to most decisions that they will make.  What this means for businesses is that any position that you have within a search on a search engine that is beyond that end result is essentially meaningless and has no value to bringing new business.  The value that each result does have is dependent upon how many searches are done on a monthly basis for that particular phrase.  The generals statistics with regards to people clicking through a search results to a website are that 40% of the total amount of searches will generally click through to the first result, 20% will click through to the second result, 10% to the third and so on down the line.  By the time you have reached the ninth result you are generally dealing with less than 1% of the total traffic that has searched for that particular phrase.  This shows you how critical it is to be in the top few results on search engines if you are using this as a method to get new business.  If there are hundred searches within your local area for something that you provide, you can figure that if you were number one this would create about 40 clicks through to your website per month, if you’re number two that would create 20 clicks through, number three would create 10 clicks through and so on.  Because the average business website converts less than 10% of traffic into customers, you can see the necessity of being positioned high.

The basics of SEO are relatively simple.  You need to create a situation where search engines are able to understand the information on individual pages within your website, and use that information to have them understand that your business is about a certain topic.  That is the target topic that you are optimizing for within each page.  You must create around 500 words of content on that page that is about that topic.  You also must modify the description and the title of the page in order to reflect this target term.  After this point, you must create content about this topic on other pages of your website as well as on other websites and link both of these back to your target page.  The best way to think about the process is to make sure that the topics harmful to people and the information that you have provided is better than all of the other information on the Internet.  This is how search engines determine rankings, by using specific cues to understand which websites are the most valuable information on a specific topic.  By making sure that the information that is being provided within your website as well as within the content biz link to your website, rankings will be developed

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