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What should I look for in my marketing company?

Advertising agencies and marketing companies usually have a specialty that defines them as a business. For the most part, the agency itself was created by one person who was very good at something, and is attempting to create a business that offers the same level of skill as he or she does personally. Once the firm grows beyond the control of a single person, it becomes far more difficult to translate the talent that made the work special when it was produced by an individual, and the level of work usually suffers. For example, if a person is a great photographer and has gained a few clients because of the superior level of his artistic eye, once the amount of clients becomes too great he must begin hiring other people to work as photographers under him. The actual production of the artwork will be done by another person with a different artistic style, but will be done under the name of the person who owns the firm. The photographer will need to figure out a way to translate his vision and style to employees without doing the work himself. This is the case for advertising agencies and marketing firms as well.

If the firm was built on the reputation of doing fantastic television commercials, the chances are that the original work that became too much for the person who started the agency was television production. He hired people to assist him in translating the medium and creating top quality television commercials. Even though there were probably other types of advertising that was being produced, the main work was probably within the realm of television. Once that person hires others and becomes an advertising agency, then the work usually begins to become more generalized advertising production and less television as a result. The very thing that made the advertising agency popular is now no longer the main focus, and as a result the work becomes less fantastic than it once was.

The best advertising agencies are going to be the ones that have the ability to translate a company philosophy and level of work to the lowest ranking employees. The level of passion that was conveyed by the owner himself when he was meeting with those first clients and talking about how great the ads are going to be must be upheld by everyone within the agency. When that level of passion for advertising becomes less and less due to the project being further and further from the owner, the work that is produced by the advertising agency is going to diminish. Quite simply, a structure for conveying a corporate and company philosophy must be created that will allow the owner to not be present, yet still have the passion of the owner flow through every piece of work produced.

When you are looking for your next marketing company or advertising agency, ask questions about the company itself, and not just about the client list. There is a good chance that the client list was built by the owner meeting with them, and being personally involved in the work. Will that be the case with you as a client, or will your account be managed by someone who does not necessarily share the passion that made those original clients so excited about their advertising? Does the spirit of the people who created the firm flow through the current employees, or are they simply working in a field that they were trained in? Advertising is about passion and art, as well as strategy and effort. The best advertising agency is going to be the one that creates that same level of passion, only they do it as a group. Is your advertising agency simply a group of people who produce marketing collateral, or are they a group of people who share the skill level and mentality of a great artist?

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