The Best SEO Company will understand Google +1 .

The Best SEO Company will understand Google +1 .

Every SEO company understands the importance of the standard elements of traditional search engine optimization. The standard elements being, onsite content, inbound links, and an easy code structure that gives the search engines the ability to understand the content and apply an appropriate ranking to the web site with respect to the competition and without hindrance from sloppy code. There are many basic structural strategies that assist in a website’s higher indexing, like the utilization of CSS instead of frames, minimal use of hard to read content like flash, and avoiding code bloat, however these items are no longer as important as they were a few years ago due to the fact that the search engines themselves have made significant improvements to understand the content of web sites so as not to penalize the rankings of a web site that may be structurally poor but still have better content than one that is more structurally sound. As the search engines moved towards a platform of the indexing content over code as far as importance, the structural elements lost significance. This is not to say that they are completely unimportant, just less important than they once were, and definitely not as important as the content or the inbound links into the site that support the quality of the content. The idea is that the content itself is not just words, but ideas. While search engines made easily find certain words, the desire to index the best ideas is far more difficult to employ in a mechanized fashion. Without teams of people reviewing the content of every indexed web site for its quality, there is nearly no ability for a machine to ascertain which web site has the better ideas about a subject than another. This is where the move towards the “socialization” of the web became an integrated with search engine optimization.

Originally, the social aspects of the internet were used to share opinions about businesses or products through social media sites that were more review oriented and testimonial based. People had the ability to share their opinions about things through postings that were accessible to other people. As these postings became an integrated into the search engine results themselves through display within certain areas that were usually local and associated with an account lead to a business, the search engines quickly realized that these types of testimonials worked as most of confidence for the business. This is the exact same idea as inbounds links to a web site acting as a vote of confidence for the content on that site, which was the way that search engines were differentiating good from bad ideas. They were counting the number of links that were going into a web site from web sites that were of the same type of information, and using this as one of the elements to assist them in placing the website within the results for appropriate searches against the competition. While inbound links were a good method of judging the quality of the ideas that are presented, it is also a method that is able to be exploited by companies who are not concentrating on the quality of the content and are instead of only concentrating on the links. This is where the idea that the internet is a community of minds who have the ability to make decisions on how important something is comes in.

Google +1 is essentially a copying of Facebook’s “like” program, where an independent user has the ability to show that they believe the content of something is important and means something to them as a user. On Facebook, you can show that you are enjoying something that has been posted by someone with a simple click of a mouse. Removing the difficulties of sharing your opinion allows the opinions of the masses to be better represented. Previous, only the opinions of those who had the time, effort and, and desire to write about something online were being represented. While this may be the opinion of an important group, it is not necessarily the opinion of the masses. Creating easy methods of sharing opinions allowed a better understanding of what was important to the world. Some time ago, Google began evaluating Facebook information as inbound links in the same way they valued traditional links from other web sites. What this means is that a SEO company who simply concentrates on inbound links in their traditional form is missing a large portion of what Google is placing value on when determining the rankings of a web site. There are those who say that Facebook information is of equal value to inbound links from other web sites. Later this month, Google will be rolling out a new program that will allow users to “like” anything that is indexed for a certain search. This means that if you search for something about shoes, and find information on a blog, website, or news story that is presented in the search results than you have the ability to “like” it with a click of the mouse. On Google this will be called “+1” which means that you are giving it a vote as important. Google has made it public knowledge that they will be presenting your “votes” to your friends who are connected to you through Google accounts. This means that they are taking this into consideration in the indexing and their organic results. To make a long story short, without people giving it a vote, it is going to be difficult to show up organically.

This will spell disaster for many SEO companies who realize specifically on inbound link building in the traditional form. If you have not contract in a company that does a search engine optimization from a social standpoint as well as traditional, you will be left behind in the rankings when the new platform is rolled out. If you’re not utilizing social media in different forms to build awareness of your business or web site, then you are ill equipped to rank when the web becomes completely social. What is interesting about this is that it is about to happen within the next few weeks. If you’re a SEO company has not discuss the strategy of utilizing social media as search engine optimization then it’s probably time to find a new SEO company.

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