Can I Do My Own SEO In 2021?

Las Vegas SEO 702-767-4637Most business owners are concerned about keeping as much of their profits as they can, especially during the slow times of the pandemic over the course of the last year. Many businesses owners have found themselves struggling to stay afloat with more time on their hands than customers, and as a result they begin to look into the possibility of doing marketing for themselves in order to conserve funding. Since SEO relies very little on physical presentations like artwork or videos, many business owners ask themselves if they can do their own SEO in 2021 in order to gain higher rankings without paying a professions SEO company to do it for them. After researching “how to do SEO” you have probably come to the conclusion that it is basically blogging and creating links to your site from other areas. Seems easy, and anyone could probably do it.  After realizing that it is just writing about your business and services, you may also be thinking “why would anyone pay for SEO if anybody can do it?” The answer is very much the same as believing that you can win the Indy 500 because you know how to drive. After all, anyone can drive a car, right?

If you want a technical answer to the question “can anyone do their own SEO” the answer is yes. The real issue is if you can do it well enough to actually have it make a difference and gaining you better rankings. Remember that all rankings are a competition between you and other websites that do the same thing as you.  SEO is the process by which higher rankings are gained, by making your website more impactful with regards to specific search phrases. The process of SEO is actually simple, you create text that gets posted on your website, or on other websites that link back to yours using keywords. The process is the same for everyone, and in the end the website that has the best content, answers questions and provides information the most effectively, and is most appropriate for customers is going to be the one that ranks highest. If you are creating content that is inferior to your competition, then everything you are doing is a waste of time and effort. Thinking that creating more content than everyone else is going to get higher rankings is also a waste of time, or using a phrase more times on your website than everyone else. In 2021, Google is looking for the content that answers questions that customers are asking, and gives them information that they are seeking. By participating in the SEO process, you are saying to Google “I am an expert on this subject.” Google is looking at you and saying “ok, prove that you are better than this competitor over here.” This is why stuffing keywords or links into blog posts is not going to get you to outrank competitors on the first page, it may move you up a few places from page 2 and deeper, but chances are that you will never get that number one position that actually gains customers for your business. Even anything beyond the sixth position on page one is a waste of time because no customers are going to click on that result. You need to be in the top three results to make any money off the position on Google, and everything else is worthless.

With that said, we can assure you that you can do your own SEO in 2021 by writing as many articles on your expert subject as you can, and posting them into your website. You can also write articles just like those and post them onto other websites, creating links back to your website pages. This is the process of SEO, and if you are not copying anyone else’s writing you will not do any damage to your rankings. The real question is if you have the ability to write numerous 500+ word articles that are completely original on your subject every month, posting them to your website or elsewhere. Most professional writers will need about an hour or so to write 500 words on a topic, so you must assume this process will take you at least an hour to write and probably another half hour to post and interlink the content. If you assume that you need 10 articles to be posted every month to have an impact for SEO, you must assume that you will be spending 15 hours per month writing and posting for SEO. This will not guarantee that you will outrank the professionals who you are competing against, but it will provide you with the same volume of work they are doing. Just like anyone can lay their own tile or fix their own plumbing, in many cases it is better to just let the professionals handle the project, because the waste of time that will happen if you do not achieve rankings is significant.


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