Can SEO Companies Outsource Services?

SEO companies face the same issues as any business, making their products or services cost less to produce than they charge their clients for them. This means that a balance must be found between getting employees or outsource agencies that can produce the necessary elements for a low price, and selling the services to a client for a higher price. The issue with SEO as a business is that the results that are achieved for the clients are the product, not necessarily the ongoing work pieces. The results that are achieved through the process of SEO are based upon a competitive landscape defined by a targeted keyphrase, which means that Google puts the website that has the better information about this keyphrase over other websites that have information that is “less good.” Google’s attitude is that you should be producing content on your website that is valuable to people from an informational standpoint, and selling them things as a secondary motivation. Google is looking for you to put information about the products and services that you offer on your website in order to educate people, and if they buy things from you it will be because you are the most knowledgeable on the subject. SEO is the process of using this idea to your advantage, steering Google to rank the website in a high position by providing the best information on the searched phrase, and at the same time exposing the potential customer to the fact that you sell this product as well. The only way to achieve high rankings in this landscape is to not only provide the best information, but also provide it in a way that is informative to the customers. This boils down to writing, and the ability of the SEO company to write about a subject in a way that is easily understood and provides value. With all of this said, the question becomes “can SEO companies outsource services?

Any SEO company can outsource it’s services to an offshore company that will provide the work for a price that is cheaper than you can pay an American employee. They can offer the mechanical aspects of SEO without issue, as the analysis of how many times a phrase (or comparable phrase) is used on a page is something that is done through software. The amount of meta data that is used, and the placements of phrases inside meta data, as well as the filling in of alt tags, the use of bold text, the use of titles and descriptions that are phrased within a certain character limit and placing certain words in certain places is all able to be analyzed through SEO software. The actual implementation of the direction that the software provides must be human edited, but these are really not the aspects that Google is using to determine rankings anymore. They all need to be done, but the amount of time that is spent on these types of pursuits is minimal when compared to the real bulk of where the time should be spent when using an SEO strategy that produces real results for clients. The bulk of your time is generally spent producing content in an ongoing and regular fashion, and this is what Google is comparing to all those other sites to determine where your site should rank. Can an SEO company outsource content production to cheap firms overseas? Of course they can. Should they do it if they want to produce high rankings for their clients (which really is the task they are hired to accomplish,) probably not.

The only way to outrank your competitors is to produce better content than they do, and to ultimately garnish more and better inbound linking from websites that have to do with the same subject matter. This is only achieved by the content itself being the best, more informative, better written and so on. If you have the ability to secure a writer through a company that charges low rates who still has the ability to write better than the competitive websites in the space you are targeting, then you should use them. If the writing is inferior to the writing on those sites, using broken-English, poor grammar, misspellings and so forth, then you should not use them. A good artcle from SEO MOZ on the subject can be found here Volume of content is not the key, quality of content is what gains rankings. A professional SEO company should be in the business of providing the best strategy (and this means best content) for their clients, and in our case we have found that outsourcing this aspect of the business is not beneficial to our clients and their long-term rankings. Can SEO companies outsource services? In our case the answer is no. We welcome your opinions below.

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