How to choose an seo company

How to choose an seo company

We provide many proposals to companies who are choosing a new SEO company, and we realize that the majority of proposals that we send out will not result in us getting a new client. Even though the typical sales process is guided by the philosophy of “get any client, at all costs,” we have decided to work with clients who understand that SEO is a process that takes work, time and dedication. We cannot provide those services for free, and we employ people who are the best at their jobs specifically to get results for the clients. Unfortunately, this costs money.

When businesses choose a new SEO company, many times they are choosing because of the failures of the last seo company. This means that they did not get the results they expected, even if the seo company explained to them that they could not expect top level results based upon the amount of work that was contracted. SEO companies are going to show successes and failures based on their company philosophy towards new business. Essentially, if the seo company believes that they need to close the deal and get the client to sign a contract, chances are they are providing the company with a proposal designed to look inexpensive against all the other SEO companies who are trying to get the account. If they put forth a proposal based upon price and not specifying the amount of work that will be done, who will be doing the work, or what exactly that work will be, then they have simply crafted a profitable strategy based upon work-load, and not based upon projected success. You see, anyone can tell you that you will get to the first page of Google if you use them, however the reality of actually achieving that goal is dictated by the amount of work the SEO company puts forth. Less work means less results, and if the seo company gave you a cheap proposal, it is probably because they are not planning on providing you with enough work to have the best results. Another way they can provide inexpensive seo is to outsource the work to India or other countries that do not speak English as their first language. This may get content created, but it will be inferior quality to having a professional writer create it in America.

Choose your seo company wisely, as all seo companies are not created equal and will not all achieve the same results. If you are making your decision based upon the price offered, ask yourself why a professional seo company would (or can) offer their services at rates so much cheaper than other seo companies. Ask to see their results, and ask to speak to their clients

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