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How do I choose a Las Vegas web design company?

As a company that offers website design to our customers, many times we are asked the question “should I choose a Las Vegas company to design a website for a Las Vegas-based business?” Our answer to a question of this type is “yes, you should probably use the web design services of a Las Vegas company simply because they are local to you and you have the ability to meet with them face to face and in person. There are other advantages as well, in that a local Las Vegas design firm is going to understand the idiosyncrasies that make Las Vegas a unique community, and how locals react to marketing in ways that is different than how tourists react to it. There is a distinct difference between a Las Vegas local and a visitor in the way they perceive business communication, as we live in a community that is consistently advertising to tourists and visitors. Because of this continual exposure to messages that are not exactly right for us, we have developed an ability to differentiate between a “locals” business and a tourist business. This is an important distinction in your marketing message, and must be translated correctly if the website is to speak to the target market in a way that they can relate to. This is accomplished specifically through design cues and well crafted copy. Simply pasting pictures of Las Vegas landmarks within the site will not translate appropriately to locals, but it will for tourists. Understanding the market is crucial to the design process working in your favor, if you are a business that caters to locals. Aside from these crucial aspects, most design agencies supply relatively the same products, and with the advent of wordpress becoming the relative standard with regards to design, almost any firm can create a suitable website. Las Vegas itself has an abundance of “website designers” to choose from, so there is no real advantage to going to a design house in another state with regards to the talent level that can be contracted from an artistic and presentation standpoint. The obvious question then becomes “how do I choose the best Las Vegas website design agency?”

When choosing any website design company, no matter where they are located, you must ask yourself if that company specializes in the aspects of website design that are important to your business. Website design itself is the process of putting together code, text and graphics into a site in a way that will translate appropriately to potential customers and make them decide to buy your products or services over another competing business. This is achieved in a few specific ways, but one thing that many business owners are unaware of is that those specific things are not necessarily both the specialties of the website design company you are considering. What we mean is that you must ask yourself what is the point of the website, and how exactly will that goal be accomplished? If the goal of the website is to attract new customers to your Las Vegas business and potentially convert them into paying clients, then the process is generally going to involve multiple steps that all must work in unison to produce the desired outcome. The website must be designed well and translate the message that your business is better at the service you provide than the next business who is providing the same things. Websites are very easy to navigate between, so “getting them in the door” to a website does not have the same closure rate as “getting them in the door” to your actual brick and mortar store. People are more willing to purchase from you if they have taken some physical effort to drive to your location, and you will probably make a sale of some sort just because they do not want to take more effort to drive somewhere else. A website is different in that it takes almost no effort to click away from it and move on to the next website that offers the same thing. This means that you must prove that you are better than them within the small space of a website. This is the true goal of design, and a poorly designed website will not accomplish this goal. Any website design company that specializes in this service should be able to produce this product, but there is another crucial element to the typical online sales process that many designers do not understand, nor do they specialize in. “How do I choose a website design company that knows SEO?” This is a far more important question, and is probably the single most important element that will make or break your business with regards to using the internet to generate sales.

Our business is search engine optimization and we offer website design as a product specifically because the website being structured correctly is an important part of the SEO process. While we can perform the seo process on any website, the results that we get over time will be helped or hindered by the structure of the website itself. This is why so many times the seo company that you hire wants to redesign the website for you, because they understand that the success they have with the process itself is being hindered by the design of the site. Google takes into consideration some very specific things with regards to website design that many web designers do not have a specialty in, and yet their designed product is the very thing that is having the seo process performed upon. When a designer makes choices, they are generally concentrating on look and feel of the website, putting things like “will Google understand how this information relates to other pages on this website” as a secondary concern. A company that understands that a website has almost no value to your company if nobody can find it puts the customer and Google in the same thought process, and considers them both when producing their product. Many web design companies will concentrate so heavily on design that they actually compromise the ability for Google to understand the site effectively, which means that the rankings of the website on search engines will never be as high as they could have been if the site were designed with seo in mind. This crucial error makes business owners believe that they are performing as well on search engines as they possibly can, simply because they have a new website that was designed by a person who specializes in website design, and so does the competition. They also might believe that they are getting the maximum results available because they have hired an seo company to work on the site, however this is again very much like hiring a professional driver to race a car that has a broken engine. Website design companies design websites and leave seo and rankings to the seo companies, while seo companies design websites specifically to gain customers. New customers come to your website by a number of ways, either you send them there personally by giving them a card or telling them the address, they see an advertisement for the website, or they find it on a search engine. The majority of your new customers who you have not spoken to through salespeople or advertisements are coming from search engines, and your ability to rank in the top couple of positions for terms that describe what you do is what decides how many new customers you get, and how much money you make. Design is important, however being found on search engines is even more important. If your design compromises your rankings or your ability to gain rankings, then your project will fail.

While we are an seo company as our primary business, we are also a website design company as a part of the process. We can work with websites that are designed by other agencies without a problem, but many times we find that we are having to correct mistakes in the process that were made by the website design company, sometimes to the level of having to redesign the entire website because it would be cheaper than trying to fix everything. Just because a website is new does not mean that it is appropriate for seo purposes, and many times this becomes a point of frustration and confusion for customers. They just spent a lot of money on a new website, and now another company is telling them that it is not usable for the real purpose of gaining new business. This crucial error can be avoided by simply hiring a company that understands seo to design the website as part of the project.

Most website design companies say they do seo, but few actually do. This is important for business owners to understand when making the choice of what company to design their website. SEO used to be a process of changing meta tags and titles, descriptions and alt tags. It was a specific process that was able to be mechanized by the inclusion of a few places on wordpress or on the design program that make it so that you can put text into these fields and they would display on the site. While this is definitely part of the seo process, it is far from what gains rankings in today’s world. With the advent of programs that allow for these easy changes to be made to areas of a website, every website is now doing it and therefore search engines are having a more difficult time differentiating one website from another with regards to the value to the customer. Google cannot rank everyone at number one for a search, and if every website being considered for these rank positions is doing the same things then Google must use another method to decide if one website has better information than another. Search engines now consider the content on the website as the deciding factor, this content being understood as important or not based upon the inbound links from other website to it, as well as how it is linked together inside of the website itself. An seo company can produce content in volumes, but if the website design makes it difficult for Google to understand how this content on this page relates to other content on other pages then you are at a disadvantage with regards to your competition for rankings. If it is difficult for other people looking at the content to share it in the form of links from their website or from social media, then you are at a disadvantage with regards to rankings competition. If Google cannot understand that your business is located in Las Vegas, then you are at a disadvantage to other businesses who make it better known. There is a process to website design for Las Vegas businesses that is important to consider if your project will ultimately succeed, and when deciding on your Las Vegas web design company you should probably use a company that specializes in seo to get that job done. Most Las Vegas web design companies say they do seo, but few can actually show real examples of their efforts succeeding. In a nutshell, just call Big Bulldog SEO when you need a Las Vegas web designer.

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