Content marketing is the new face of seo

There are two types of people out there, those who still believe that seo involves stuffing keywords into web pages and generating as many keyword stuffed links as possible, and the ones who understand how seo actually works in the modern world. In many cases, you will find people believing that since seo is no longer about using a certain phrase as many times as possible, or buying inbound links, that seo as a practice must not work anymore. Nothing is further from the truth.

Seo may no longer be able to be automated like it used to be, but the practice of optimizing a website so as to provide google with certain things that it is looking for is still the way that rankings are built. We often will ask people who say that seo is no longer valid how they think that one website gets positioned higher than another? If it were random, as they would suggest, then why is it that you will see one website gaining a position and staying there? Obviously there is something that google is using to decide why one website gets a high position and one gets a low position, and that something is seo. The new methods that provide higher rankings for websites is content marketing, which is the practice of developing unique content that is either on your site, or on another site that links back to yours. This content has to be on a certain subject that you are trying to rank higher for, and must be more relevant to readers than other content on other websites. This is how google decides which website gets to be number one and which gets to be number two. Whichever website has better information on the subject that is searched is the one that will rank higher, so the first step is to develop the content itself. Write unique things about the subject and provide evidence as to why the article is correct, then spread around the knowledge that the article is out there. Allow people to find the content and link to it from their websites. The entirety of seo is based on this simple concept at this point, to create content as often as possible about the subject that you want people to find you when they search, then use every method possible to tell people that the content is out there. Perform this task regularly and then let google do it’s job.

The next question is usually “but how much content do I need to put out, and how much time do I need to spend sharing it?” The answer is “as much as possible.” Your rankings are based on your own amount of quality content on a subject compared to your competition’s, so basically if you do one article and your competition does two, then you need to do more. There is no better way to phrase it, do as much as possible.

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