Focus cracks top 25 on Google for “seo company.”

Focus cracks top 25 on Google for “seo company.”

Case studies are hard to come by, and the proof is in the pudding with regards to effective search engine optimization programs. Any reputable seo company should provide proof of the results they have generated for clients, so as to allow potential clients to make decisions as to the skill level of the company with regards to rankings. The main issue is that seo companies will usually only show their successes and will not show their projects in motion, which makes it very difficult for uneducated business people to assess their skill level. Six months ago, Big Bulldog SEO announced that we would be publically illustrating our progress on a test program that would show the world that our process works. We chose one of the most competitive terms in the world “seo company” to attempt to get our website to rank for globally. We are not discussing a localized program where we could easily rank because there is little competition from only a few seo companies working in the geographic space. Our goal was to get to the first page of Google globally, proving that our process is among the best in the world. The reason this is so difficult is that we are literally competing with the best search engine marketing companies on the planet for those top positions. We are pleased to announce that we have made it to the 21st position on Google for this phrase.

The term “seo company” is the single most accurate way to describe what we do, and the terms is searched by millions of people monthly as they look for a company to choose for their internet marketing. For a small internet firm from Las Vegas to outrank giant companies with millions of dollars in venture capital backing them for advertising is no easy task, and it depends on the solidity of the strategy behind creating rankings. We have always believed our ranking strategy to be the best, and our clients knew it worked simply by the results that we generated for them. To be ranked so highly by Google itself is proving to the world that our strategy is among the best there is. We are proud to offer these strategies to your companies as well.

As you can see, we are currently in the top 25 results. Stay tuned to see us achieve first page rankings for this term. We should achieve this goal by December.

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