Focus welcomes Durango Animal Hospital.

Focus welcomes Durango Animal Hospital.

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STEP 1: Complete redesign of the website.

As you can see, our first step in this process is a complete redesign of the website in every aspect, to make it both modern and visually appealing as well as having a more comforting feeling that is necessary to convert web surfers into customers. The top thumbnail is the old website, the bottom one is the new website. The site was redesigned to give traffic the feeling that this is a modern animal medical facility that will care for their pet like they were their own. Large beanding rotating banners dominate the upper visual space, topped by navigation to meaningful services and information. The index page is providing the most necessary information for quick decision making on the customer’s part.

The site was redesigned utilizing a streamlined css file that provides only necessary design information rules for this project. There is no code-bloat in the css file which drives all pages on the site. Each page is designed to have a single theme, yet is driven by the same design file, making load times minimal.

Stage 2 will involve search engine optimization across the entire website, as well as contextual matching with the Google Places listing so as to boost local results. Identified high traffic keywords will be the focus of the entire project, with the main core terms being “Las Vegas veterinary,” “Las Vegas veterinarian,” and “Las Vegas animal hospital,” as well as the non-geolocated versions of these terms. Currently, Durango Animal Hospital does not hold a first page placement on Google for any of these terms, and is gaining very little traffic from searches in these gekneric genres. That is about to change.

Durango Animal Hospital will also be actively utilizing our testimonial solicitation program LocalizedFocus, to generate online testimonials and reviews about their business.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of Durango Animal Hospital, and if you are interested in a program or website redesign for you own business, feel free to contact us.

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