How To Generate Higher Clickthrough Rates.

How To Generate Higher Clickthrough Rates.

Everyone knows that being on the first page of Google is important to your business when it comes to getting traffic that can become your customers, but there is rarely data avaliable as to the values of a #1 position over a #2 position, and so forth. Human nature when you ar epresented with a list of choices is to choose from the first few presented, as an overwhelming amount of information must be made into a manageable list by narrowing the field in some way. When it comes to search, people narrow the page after page of results generated by their search by assuming that Google has positioned the best businesses at the top. This is not necessarily the case, though, as Google has actually positioned what it considers the best websites at the top. This means that a search engine optimization program can assist any business of any size to rise to the top of the rankings, no matter how big the competition is. The main question is the value of one first page position over another.

A recent study was conducted to determine the exact values of organic positions vs. PPC positions for one of our clients. We tested the amounts of clicks that were garnished with a number one organic position vs a number one paid position in order to see the values of the organic development. The data ramained consistent over nearly every phrase, that there was about a 2% greater propensity of a person to click on a number one organic position over a number one postion in the paid catagory. This is because people tend to trust organic results in a slightly greater percentage than paid. As a side note, organic clickthroughs tend to convert to customers at a greater rate than paid clickthroughs for the same reason. The testing gave us the ability to see the differences in clickthrough rates when you are in the number two position organically and the number one position paid as well, and we were able to determine that the number two position gets 44% less clicks than the number one position, and the number three position gets 30% less clicks than the number two position. When you get as low as the number seven position of the first page, you are getting fewer than 7% of the clicks that the business that holds the number one position is getting. Using Google’s tool for estimating the first page bid cost through their PPC program, you can determine the organic value of the positions based upon the estimated number of clicks you can predict. The break even between PPC and organic seems to fall right around the third position, which means that until you have achieved the organically number one position or number two position, PPC is a viable medium to generate clicks to the website.

Our experimentation has also revealed that there is a technique that can be applied to organic search results to increase the number of clickthroughs by more than 80% over the typical amount you would receive in any position on the first page. We have chosen to keep this information only for our clients, but the good news is that our clients can generate upwards of 80% more clickthroughs on their organic results than their competitors when we use our special technique.

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