Going Viral: How to achieve viral success with your marketing

There are very few case studies in viral marketing that can be learned from, usually because the company that created the marketing never expected it to “go viral” and therefore there is almost nothing to discuss because there was never a plan to make this happen. The opposing standpoint is that companies who attempt to create viral success almost never succeed. There are very few success stories with regards to viral marketing, because there are very few actual campaigns that were designed to go viral and which succeeded. Wax Hair Removal Bar is one of those success stories, achieving more than 10 million views to their Youtube Channel in less than one year. We know the specifics behind this campaign because Wax is our client and we are the ones who created and implemented the campaign.

The secret to creating viral video success is by analyzing and leveraging your strengths as a business with respect to things that people will find interesting, and then seeding the viral spread as much as possible. If you are creating a video that serves as a commercial, there is almost no way that it is going to achieve viral success and be spread from person to person on social media for a simple reason, “why would people use their time and effort to spread your message?” If it isn’t something that will make them look better as people by sharing with their friends, then they will not share it unless you provide them with some other incentive like payments or prizes. Keeping your video interesting in some way is the key if you are not providing any incentives outside of people looking more interesting to their friends if they share it, so sitting down and really thinking about what you are presenting is the key to leveraging people’s egos as a tool. When we did the Wax campaign, we decided to film waxing services uncensored, which we knew would shock an audience and get them talking. Over a two day period we filmed enough content to produce around 10 videos that showed waxing being done, and nearly showed the nudity that a brazilian wax would have behind closed doors. We knew this would shock people, so our strategy was in place previous to filming the content.

Once the videos were uploaded, we seeded the viral pool with our own Youtube, Facebook and other social media accounts. We shared them with our friends and posted comments to get a conversation going. Because the content was so different than everything else out there like it, people shared it themselves. Once a few of the videos started taking off on their own, our work is done and we no longer need to push the message.

Although this premise seems simplistic, it is a process that will work if you do not abandon it after a few failures. You cannot predict which videos will take off and which will not, so you must plan on performing the same strategy over and over until it clicks. After that point, any video uploaded to the channel has a built in audience, and will immediately gain more views than a typical channel.

If you would like to discuss viral video campaigns for your business, feel free to contact us directly.

UPDATE: 6/1/15 The Wax Hair Removal Bar video campaign has now achieved more than 15 million views and has caused the linked websites to rank at #1 for 100% of the targeted keywords.

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