For good SEO companies, this year is all that matters.

For good SEO companies, this year is all that matters.

Every day, thousands of people search on Google for the term “seo companies” or “seo company.” These are either people searching for employment within seo companies, people trying to sub-contract seo services, or people attempting to find a new company to do their seo. In this article, we are only going to be discussing the last group, the owners and managers of businesses who are looking to hire an seo company to do search engine optimization and other online marketing services for their company. The research in finding a good quality firm who can produce results with regards to rankings on search engines can be very frustrating, as there are no real certifications or unbiased reviews of companies that will give you a clue as to who does good work and who does not. With respect to research, all you can really do is ask other business owners who they use and who they are satisfied with, trust reviews online as to the source, or look over the websites of companies that rank themselves on Google for “seo companies” or “seo company.” If you are looking for a firm that is physically local to your business, you are going to want to modify your search to filter results from your city by searching for something like “Las Vegas seo companies.” This modification will give you more targeted results of companies that are only local in your area, and may or may not offer search engine optimization services outside the local area.

As far as narrowing your search down to a few companies to contact, you are going to need to go on gut feelings for a lot of your choices. All seo companies are going to say pretty much the same things on their websites, and are going to offer the same services. The question is how to tell who is actually good at providing results and who is not, so as to make a better decision. If you are deciding based upon price, and your industry is competitive, you are probably not going to get good results. SEO is like most things, if you are charged a cheap price it is probably because the quality is lacking. SEO companies are going to show you their portfolios of work, and talk about their successful campaigns where they took businesses from obscurity into the top three results. They are going to show you case studies about how well their programs worked. Ask yourself, and the salesman, when these results were delivered. In the seo world, search engines are constantly getting better at filtering out the results of websites that are not the best, and use tricks to get rankings instead of concentrating on quality. The most aggressive change made recently in this regard is Google’s Panda update, which literally removed 15% of websites from their index that were low quality or cheating to get rankings. All seo companies who were employing strategies for their clients that are not based upon content and quality saw their clients disappear from the index overnight, and probably had a lot of explaining to do the next day.

For an accurate assessment of a quality seo company, you need to look at the results that they have gained for their clients over the last 12 months, and no more. Anything that worked more than a year ago is probably not nearly as relevant today, and many of the techniques that worked over a year ago will no longer deliver any results at all. If the company you are considering shows you examples from more than 12 months ago, it is probably because recent Google changes have made their only successes happen back then, and not since.

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