Did you Google Las Vegas SEO?

Did you Google “Las Vegas SEO” or “Las Vegas SEO company” to find this website? If you did, you very well might be in great danger. Here is why.

When business owners decide it is time to hire an SEO company in order to get their website into a higher ranked position for the keywords associated with the products and services they offer, there is generally very little to go on as far as research as to which company is good and which companies are bad at their jobs. Usually, the only places that you have to turn in order to do research on the subject and make an accurate decision as to which company to use are online, with very little existing in the form of traditional marketing for SEO companies. The reasoning behind the lack of traditional marketing is probably innocent enough, that a company specialized in internet marketing should probably use that medium to promote themselves, and anything outside that medium seems a little strange. However, the reasoning behind not having much for traditional marketing may be for more dubious than you expect. It could be that they do not want to commit dollars toward a brand that could be completely wiped out at any moment. Unfortunately, the same aspects of the business plan that make them shy away from putting too much money into developing a recognizable brand for themselves may ruin your company if they were to employ them for you, as part of the marketing plan.

“Las Vegas SEO company” on Google, and why it is dangerous.
When you Google “Las Vegas SEO company” on Google, you get a list of companies in Las Vegas who provide search engine optimization services (actually, one of them isn’t even in Las Vegas, but uses a fake local Las Vegas phone number and address to appear as though they are.) These companies all provide a service known as “search engine optimization” for business clients, and most are catering to the Las Vegas community because they are physically located here. Most people who Google “Las Vegas SEO company” are potential business owners looking to hire a company located in their local vicinity, one that they can potentially meet with in person, who can provide them the services that will cause their website to rank higher either within the local area or worldwide. Since there is very little in the form of marketing outside of Google, these potential customers will choose from the top-ranking websites for the search “Las Vegas SEO company” and then read some of the information presented on the website to make a decision as far as which companies to contact and discuss their project with. What is making the decision for this potential customer is two simple elements, the placement of the website in the Google rankings for “Las Vegas seo company” and the presentation of the professional face of the business on the website. Both of these elements will probably be good quality for a person to contact that seo company, however it is not necessarily due to these elements that the website is being presented in that position. In a few cases that present in the top rankings on Google for “Las Vegas SEO company” the company itself is using an SEO method that will secure rankings fast, but potentially can get the website thrown completely off Google because they are violating the terms of service. What this means is that they are employing methods that can cause penalties or complete banning from the index, specifically to get that top ranking fast. Why would they be willing to do something like this, potentially wiping out all of the work they have done? The answer is simple, because they are in the business of building websites and doing SEO, and can do it quite easily on a new website if this one gets banned. They just don’t have as much to lose as you do.

The reason there is danger involved in using the Googling of “Las Vegas seo company” as a decision-making element for your company is that there is a good chance that a company willing to use these techniques to get rankings quickly at the risk of losing everything on themselves will probably be willing to use those same techniques on your business. They will employ these types of tactics to get fast results when they feel you are no longer believing in the services they offer and they need something right now to convince you. They will employ these techniques to gain rankings that are “guaranteed or we don’t get paid” within a certain period of time. The issue is that it will usually take Google a while to find out that these types of tactics are being used and penalize you, and they have already got enough of your money at that point to lose you as a customer without worrying about it. What is important to consider when comparing your business with theirs is that they can lose their rankings and just start a completely new company tomorrow….you probably have a lot more time, effort and money invested in building your brand. To lose your website, your url and have to redo all of the existing physical marketing like business cards, brochures, television commercials, print ads and billboards just to change a website address is probably a big deal to you.

Google has many aspects that it considers when placing your website into a position when someone searches for something you offer. The quality of the content on the website with regards to that subject is a large consideration, as is the quality of the website itself with regards to how easy it is to access information. The way that Google understands the quality of the information on your website in comparison to others is through links from other sites. The business of SEO is one of creating content and links in order to manipulate Google into believing your website is better than other people’s. Sheer volume of links used to be the way that Google made those decisions, but now it is based more on the subject matter of the website linking to yours, as well as the websites linking to that website. Google looks at this chain as “proof” that your website is offering good information on a subject, by looking at the “good” information on websites that are linked to yours. The only way to build a lot of links really fast is to automate this process using software or some technique that allows links to your website to be placed on websites that can be controlled or paid for. These tactics are against Google’s terms of service, and will get a website banned if you are found to be using them. It used to take Google a really long time to prove that you were violating their TOS, and even though they have become far better at it, it still takes a while in some cases. Rest assured, however, that you will eventually be caught and lose the rankings you have gained.

“Rankings longevity.”
Our website has consistently ranked on the first page of Google for the search “Las Vegas SEO company” for almost eight years. This is due to the fact that our philosophy was to build a company that lasts through all of the changes that Google makes, knowing that most of our clients find us using those terms. We are rarely in the number one position, and are usually somewhere toward the middle of the page. This is because we employ the same strategy for ourselves that we do for your business, that we want to build something that lasts. Throughout those eight years, we have seen many other websites gain better positions than us, only to be deranked or delisted by a Google change a few months later. The SEO companies who play this game are constantly starting new sites that they gain rankings for, expecting to lose them after a while. As a result, when a potential customer Google’s “Las Vegas SEO company” they will generally see at least a few companies who gained that ranking within the last few months, and who will probably lose that ranking within a few months. The customer only sees that you are ranking at the top for “Las Vegas SEO” and that must mean that you know what you are doing. They do know what they are doing, but their business model is quite different than yours and they can afford to lose. Rankings that are consistently in good positions are the true way to judge the quality of an SEO company, but unfortunately there is almost no way to research if a company ranked last year, or a year before that, or even yesterday. You only see what Google presents to you at this moment….which means that they are maintaining that position until they are caught, thats it.

How to find out if an SEO company uses dangerous tactics.
If you are considering a company to potentially use for your SEO, no matter what city you are in, the best thing to do is learn a little bit about SEO and then analyze that company’s website to see if anything looks out of sorts. This is usually easiest by using some form of free software online that will provide you with a list of links to a website. Use that software to analyze the website of the company you are considering, and f you see thousands of links from directories, blog posts on other website, weird websites from other countries or the same website listed thousands of times, then it is in your best interest to avoid that company. They are using a tactic on themselves that will probably get them penalized, and they very well might use that same tactic on you. Although this takes far more research than just Googling “SEO” and choosing from the top company presented at that moment, it is a better way to protect your business from a penalization that could ruin you. The SEO companies are not in the same business as you, they have far less to lose and far more to gain by getting that ranking position at all costs. Ask yourself if you are willing to take that risk, and if you are not then choose from the companies who think of business long-term. Then call us at 702-997-1252.

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