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Google Rolls Out Panda Update For June 2011.

Google Rolls Out Panda Update For June 2011.

Every SEO company is shaking in their shoes with the rollout of the new updating factor of Google known as “Panda.” Although Panda actually does not stand for anything onimous, many thought it stood for “pandemonium” because that is what it would cause to the SEO world, it actually is simply named after the internal engineer who created it. Panda is not so much an algorithm change so much as a new ranking factor, kind of like Pagerank. It is a ranking factor that is searching for “thin content,” especially targeting content farms or pages that were written specifically for rankings purposes and not for human knowledge. Panda does not run at all times, due to the fact that the computing power necessary to analyze pages at this depth would be too much, so it is turned on and off periodically in order to “clean out” bad pages on websites. These pages are pushed down in the rankings, allowing quality pages to imporve. Below are the dates that Panda has been in effect:

1.0 Feb. 24,2011

2.0 April 11, 2011

2.1 May 10, 2011

2.2 June 16, 2011

You may have seen your rankings and traffic change dramatically on these dates, especially June 16, when the biggest effects took place (Google estimating that 12% of indexed pages were effected.) We are happy to announce that 100% of Big Bulldog SEO clients either survived the update unharmed in their rankings, or improved somewhere between 15% and 40% in the traffic gained from improved rankings. This is specifically die to our strategy of creating unique content before driving links to the site. Do not be fooled by other SEO company’s tricks, they do not work and will fail eventually.

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