Help! My WordPress Website Has Been Hacked.

If your WordPress website is acting strange or displaying incorrectly, it may have been hacked. There are are several things to consider that could be the problem, so it is important not to panic and can think of things logically in order to get your site back online before too much time passes.  Been offline for more than a few days can have a negative impact on your rankings, so restoring your website is quickly as possible is the priority.  WordPress is the largest content management system in the world, and as a result is used by millions up business owners to create and display their websites.  To remain secure, WordPress offers updated versions that includes security fixes and patches all the time.  As soon as a security threat is noticed, WordPress will create an updated version that solves the issues.  You will be notified in your administrative panel that a new version exists and that you should update to it, or you can set your preferences to automatically update WordPress when there is a new version available.  It is important to keep the version updated to the latest because utilizing older and updated versions of word press can expose your website to the hacks that the new version will prevent.  It is a good idea to check your administration panel at least once a month to make sure that there are no new updates to WordPress available, and if there are to update WordPress to the latest version.  It is always a good idea to back up your website before making changes like this.

If updating WordPress to the latest version does not solve the problem, here is a good chance that your website has been hacked through a plugin.  These are independent programs that create functionality on your website and operate on top of the WordPress platform.  Because they are created by independent operators that may not have an extensive infrastructure, they are often slower to provide updated versions after problems have been noticed.  Some plugins will remain without updates for significant amounts of time even after they have become problematic.  If there are updated versions of the plugin available, these will be listed in your administrative panel as well.  Update to the latest versions of the plugins after making sure that you are running the latest version of word press to see if this solves the problem.  If it does not, the procedure that works the best is to systematically uninstall plugins one by one to see if the problem subsides after one is uninstalled.  If this plugin is realized to not be the problem, reinstall it and move on to the next.  Once you have identified the plugin that is causing the problem, contact the developer to see if they have a suggestion or an updated version.  If they are not responsive, seek out a different quality and that offers the same type of functionality.

It is not your plugins there is a possibility that it is your theme has been hacked.  The same process can be followed for your theme as was done with your plugins, although there is the possibility that you will lose some configurations if you move from theme to theme.  Always back up your current configuration and database before doing this kind of process.  If you notice that your theme is creating problems, contact the theme designer to see if there are updates.

This process will generally solve the issues that arise from time to time with WordPress.  If you cannot solve the issue by following these steps, contact your server company to see if they have the ability to isolate corrupted files.  You can also contact the designer or programmer that specializes in these types of issues.

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