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Why hire an SEO company to do your web design?

One aspect of online projects that many clients will become confused about is the process of designing a website that is friendly for search engine optimization purposes. Although the two disciplines are very different, the two also must compliment each other if a long-term project is to succeed. A company that offers “website design” will generally state in their marketing collateral that they also do SEO, or at least understand the aspects of it. By stating these types of things, they put potential clients at ease that they are not going to be utilizing designs and structures which will not be beneficial to rankings over the long haul. Most customers will come to the realization during a conversation about their goals that they actually care more about rankings on search engines than they do about the design of the website itself. If they were asked “which would you prefer, a website that is beautiful that has no rankings on search engines or a website that is slightly less beautiful and ranks in good positions,” they will typically prefer the latter, realizing that the point of a website is to drive new customers that are finding them through online means. Unless the business is relying completely on driving traffic themselves, they are going to want the customers who find them by searching on Google for the products and services that they provide.

The point of this information is to illustrate that while a website design company may claim to understand SEO, they are still probably not specialized in it. They may provide mediocre or respectable results, but probably aren’t providing the top of page rankings that are desired so as to produce real traffic and customers. A specialized SEO firm will understand the process of producing results over time, and also understand that the medium that they are working with has to be friendly to present the aspects that are necessary for ongoing development. Google reads the structure of the website to understand the importance of certain elements of information in relation to others, as well as the text information itself. This is why the structure of the website must be friendly for Google to understand, so that the ongoing presentation of information that is designed to develop higher rankings is given the correct amount of weight in Google’s eyes. Simple design decisions can effect the entire effectiveness of the SEO program over time, as the content may not be given as much attention as it would if it were presented in an easier to understand way. This is why it is important to design websites with SEO in mind, on order to not compromise the actual purpose of the project.

Big Bulldog SEO designs websites using not only “SEO friendly” coding methods, but also considering the SEO aspects of each decision that goes into the design. Considering everything from “responsive design” to navigational structures, our websites are designed to rank as well as possible, with or without an attached SEO program ongoing. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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