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How can I tell a good SEO company from a mediocre SEO company?

Many business owners realize that the internet has become a source of information regarding what businesses and products to patronize and purchase, and most business owners understand that they are going to need to contract some professional website designing in order to create a presence on the internet where your brand is represented in a respectable way. You would hire a professional carpenter to build your counter in your store, so why should your website be any different? Just because your nephew understands how to build a website does not mean that he can do it on a professional level, just like owning a hammer does not make you a professional carpenter. The creation of the website is the first step in utilizing the internet as a source of business, and unfortunately this is the place where many business owners stop the development and expect the results to start. After a few months go by they eventually ask themselves “why am I not getting any new business from the internet even though I built a website?” They usually answer the question by thinking “maybe the internet is not a good source of customers after all.” They are wrong.

When you get a website, it does not mean that Google is immediately going to put you in their index above another website that also offers the same thing that you do. Google will probably put you in the index, but somewhere beyond the first page where very few customers are going to find you. The majority of the people searching for your kind of business are going to choose from the first ten results, and actually the majority of those people are going to be choosing from the first three. You need to develop a way for your website to be presented in those results, above all of that competition. Unfortunately, this is the place that the professionals are separated from the unprofessioanls. Even though your nephew may be able to construct a website and get it to be presented on the internet, Google is looking for only the ten best websites to put in the first ten results. Just having a website does not make you the best, and it is going to be necessary for you to take more steps in order to be considered the best.

Google looks at the website itself as a source for content about subjects, and positions your website in the list of results for the topic that it believes your website is about. If you do not take steps to tell Google what your website is about, then it is not guaranteed that Google will completely understand. You must also develop content for the website that is completely unique, and cannot be found anywhere else. If you attempt to steal the content from somewhere else, Google will penalize your website by making it rank lower. You may save time by not investing in the production of your own content, but the result of lower rankings completely defeats the purpose of attempting to get content into the site in the first place. Create your own content, and make it the best on the subject. This is the only way that Google is going to consider your website to be better than someone else’s.

You need to create content with regularity. Assume that you are going to need to create and post new pages of content to your website at least a few times a month, and probable even more if the industry is competitive. Do not think that you can do a lot today, and then ignore it for a few months, this makes it look like the website has grown stale and no new information is being generated, which will create lower rankings again.

You need to create links form other websites that have the same kind of subject as your website. There are many ways to create links, but the best way is to have the best content on the subject then tell people about it. Send them emails and call them on the phone. Create press releases and post information about the content in blogs and forums. No matter how you slice it, you need links pointing back into your website or Google does not think that anyone else on the internet believes your content is the best. If you do not know how to get good quality links, then call a professional.

Aside from a few specific things you can do to the site like creating unique titles and descriptions for every page, there is no additional elements to search engine optimization. You are going to need to hire a professional to do all of these things for you on a regular basis, because it is going to represent a significant amount of your time. Professional SEO companies are all around you, and very difficult to judge as to who does a good job and who does an average job. Any search engine optimization company is going to get some results for their clients, but only the best are going to be able to get those results that are on the first page, and with consistency. Ask to see the client lists of the search companies that you are interviewing, and ask if it is ok for you to contact them directly in order to get the opinions of the people who own the businesses about the work they do. If the people are not willing to allow you to talk to their clients, then they are probably not getting good results in the client’s rankings and would not get a good review. Use common sense.

Ask if you can see some rankings for the clients they are currently working with, and ask yourself if it seems like the words that they show you that their clients rank for are too specific. What we mean by this is that if they show you a dentist, but the results were not for something like “dentist” and the city where the dentist is located, then the client probable does not have good rankings for that term, even though it makes sense that they should. Search engine optimization companies are going to try and trick you by showing results that are easy to get, and not showing the ones that are hard to get if they have not achieved them. Use common sense and think about what you would search for on Google to find a dentist, then ask if the client ranks for those terms. If the client does not rank for those terms, then interview another SEO company.

The best seo companies are going to get results that make sense for the client they are working for. They are going to increase traffic to the client’s websites and are going to increase the business that the client sees. If there is any excuse as to why they have not achieved these sorts of common sense goals, then find a new seo company because they are probably not very good. There is no other way to make this decision as far as who is good and who is not. Just because they have a lot of clients does not mean they are very good, they might just have a good sales department themselves. The one final bit of advice would be to Google the term ‘seo company” and see if the website for the company you are interviewing comes up. If they cannot do it for themselves then what makes you think that they can do it for you?

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