How Do You SEO For Voice Search?

How do you SEO for voice search?  This is one of the more common questions that is being asked even by the most seasoned of SEO professionals.  This is because search engine optimization itself has not necessarily changed in the general approach to our rankings are achieved, but instead the way that people search for things is changing dramatically.  With the advent of mobile devices being used as the primary source for information, the way that people use them in correspondence with search engines has become a more streamlined.  What this means is that originally people used search engines on their mobile devices the same way they used search engines on their desktop computer.  Generally this involved something we can refer to as “computer language,” where people used a choppy version of their native language stripping out a lot of the words that will be used in a typical sentence when speaking to another human being.  An example of this would be searching for something like “best SEO in Las Vegas.” This was typically this search phrase that would get you a return of the best companies that provided SEO in the Las Vegas area.  We’re not discussing how “best” is defined, as that can be left for another discussion.  Instead, we are discussing the types of questions that people ask depending on the device they are using.  Communications with a search engine are done through the input panel where you would generally type your question.  This is how “computer language” evolved, essentially ignoring the words that would be used in an actual sentence in favor of using only the most specific words attributed to that particular search.  As we have grown more used to using our mobile devices instead of our home computers, search engines like google have begun to implement more evolved methods of returning results that are applicable to your question.  For example, the “near me” the type of search has increased more than 200% over the course of the last year, as people have realize that their mobile device and its location being tracked by the search engine gives them the ability to have results that are within short distances to you receive priority.  This means that if you were looking for the closest ice cream store instead of in list of all of the ice cream stores in Las Vegas, you can search for “ice cream store near me” from your mobile device as opposed to “ice cream store Las Vegas.” This result will be delivered giving priority to the ice cream stores which are closest to you and not necessarily using the other elements that the algorithm would typically used to prioritize one result over another.  This one example illustrates how people have begun to change the way they use search engines, and how SEO must change and adapt to it.

The easiest way to think about SEO for voice search is to ask yourself what questions your potential clients are asking of search engines, and then provide the answers within your website.  Instead of using “computer language” to search, people are using entire sentence is just as they would if they were asking the question of another human being.  Just like the title of this article is “who is the best SEO in Las Vegas,” this is an example of how to use search engine optimization modifications to apply to the way people are asking questions on mobile devices.  This same search on a desktop computer for we would have been something like “best SEO Las Vegas.” In order to optimize for the way people use invoice search, you must begin to utilize your optimization content the same way it will be used if you were personally answering questions.  Research different methods of finding out the primary types of questions that people are asking of businesses in your genre, and then craft content on that specific topic which answers those questions as individual posts within your website.  This is the best way to SEO for voice search.