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One of the most common questions that is asked from businesses who are considering hiring an SEO company is how to make a determination as far as what companies are good and what companies should be avoided.  It is important to understand that there are many different methods of search engine optimization that will get different results for different periods of time.  Even though it might seem obvious that a good method of choosing a search engine optimization company would be to simply look on Google’s results for a phrase like “Las Vegas SEO company,” and then choose from the top results because they obviously understand how to make their own website rank.  While this is absolutely a method of finding companies that do have the ability to gain higher rankings, what you must understand is how these rankings were achieved and if this strategy can be applied to your business.  One of the common aspects of the search engine optimization company is that they have the ability to not only allocate time towards the process of search engine optimization, but also have the ability to quickly create new web sites and new brands.  You do not need to go through the process of business licensing to in order to create a website and get it to rank, so basically an SEO company is able to quickly create a new website and brand it their previous website was penalized for any reason.  This is one of the dirty secrets of search engine optimization, that there is a good chance that the strategies that were employed in order to get their own websites to rank would not be able to be replicated for your business without the risk of a potential lawsuit if the rankings were penalized due to poor search engine optimization strategies. SEO companies have the ability to do things that you did not have the ability to do, and if they were to use the same strategies for you that they use on their own web sites, there is a risk that you could lose everything that you have put into building a brand up to that point.  Most businesses do not want to potentially risk delisting in exchange for quicker rankings that may or may not stick.  Most businesses are more practical, and understand that building rankings over time that have an ability to maintain their positions as opposed to moving up quickly with the risk of disappearing entirely is a far better way of doing business.  For this reason, one of the best things that you can do as far as judging an SEO company on their own rankings is to look into how long they have been in that position.  Ask for proof of that in maintaining that high ranking for an extended period of time before you make your decision.  Additionally, past the company to be transparent as far as the techniques that they use to gain rankings for clients and for themselves.  Another thing to consider is that search engine optimization companies that can not get rankings for themselves, probably can not get rankings for you.

With all of this said, it is important to look into what kinds of tactics will work in order to improve rankings for a website in the modern world.  Old school methods of SEO rarely work anymore, due to the fact that google is continually updating their algorithm in order to make sure that the websites that are gaining higher rankings are not necessarily the ones that are trying for them, and instead are the websites that are providing the best information for customers.  You might have heard that content is king, and in the search engine optimization world this is absolutely the case.  Google is looking for the best information on any topic, and pushing the web sites that have that information to the top of searches for that phrase.  The techniques that work in bowl creating the best content and generating good quality links, and nothing more.  That SEO content needs to be distributed within a website that loads quickly and is well presented on both desktop and mobile devices, which will involve a certain amount of web design encoding in order to achieve a good look.  Once that structure is in place, the content that is developed for the website is what is driving the rankings.  This is where different companies will have different strategies for achieving the same goal of higher rankings.  Some companies will place more value on the links that come into the website branded content within the website itself.  Other companies will put all of the content into the website and concentrate only slightly on links.  Ask for examples of customers that they have achieved good of rankings for, and then look on google for yourself to see if those websites still rank in a high position.  If they do not, ask the company what happened

We are continually asked what SEO strategy we use in order to gain higher rankings for clients.  Some search engine optimization companies will not discuss the strategies that they use for fear that people will copy them.  While this is certainly a concern, we feel that it is better to be fully transparent with our clients so that they understand exactly what we’re doing and why.  We provide reports that the end of every month that will show exactly what work has been done in a live format.  We trust that our clients will continue to use us for the services due to the fact that they can see the value in the quality of work that we do and understand they cannot get work of this quality anywhere else.  For this reason, we feel confident that discussing the strategy that we use will not create competition for us, and instead will simply create a more open and trustworthy relationship between ourselves and the clients we serve.

Our SEO strategy works the same for all clients, although we do analyze each client individually every month so as to create a unique strategy for each one that will apply to their current situation.  The first step in every project gets to create a working a list of terms that we want to rank for.  Creation of our target list is critical for success, because search engine optimization is all about creating the best information about a specific topic.  If you attempt to cover too many topics, you will generally not to be providing the best information on any of them.  This is why we choose to create the most streamlined list possible of terms that we would like to rank for.  These terms are generated from analyzing the business and discussing with the ownership what phrases that customers would use in order to find them.  We analyze this information against search numbers, as well as competition.  We attempt to create the target list is viable within the budget constraints that have been put forth by the client.  Each word is going to have a different amount of competition against it, and will need to allocate a certain amount of work for each one of those words based upon the competitive landscape.  Our job is to create a working project that will achieve the results for these words within an expected period of time.  As we achieve google rankings for one term, we moved to a maintenance base and onto the next term that would be important for the business.  This way, we always have a working list of a certain amount of terms that we are: effort into.  The amount of hours that the clients book on a monthly basis is at their discretion, and we understand that almost no account is unlimited in the amount of money can be put into advertising.  Search engine optimization is an ad campaign builds over time, and generally will provide no benefit to the client until first page rankings have been achieved.  For this reason, we attempt to let all clients know that it will be awhile before this effort pays off, as you will generally only get calls were customers once you have reached the first page.  We explain to clients’ that the majority of customers for any type of product or service go to the first result on a search engine.  Statistics show that about 45% of clicks for any search term go to the first result, 25% go into the second, 12% going to the third, 6% go into the fourth, 3% going to the fifth, 1.5% going to the six and so on.  By the time you have reached the 10th result, you are getting far less than 1% of the total amount of traffic for that search term.  This is why it is critical to be in the top three positions, and the higher up you all are the more traffic you can expect to your website.

After the website has been created and the content creation portion of the campaign begins, we concentrate on developing written content on the subjects that we’re trying to rank for.  Each individual phrase that is within our target list as an individual page within the website dedicated to it.  This is our target page that we would like to see have the high position on google.  It is far more difficult to get an entire website to rank for a term that it is to get an individual page within the website to rank.  This is why we look at our web site like real estate, and each individual page has a function towards creating rankings.  Each target page has the most developed content on a particular topic, and each support page that is developed as less information on that topic but links back to the main page as the authority for more information.  Each individual page within the website must have at least 500 words of content in order to not be considered thin by google.  This is why we hold ourselves to each piece of content that we develop being at least 500 words.  About half of the content that is developed within our strategy will be placed on the website, linking back to the target pages.  The other half of the content developed will be positioned on other websites linking back to either the target page or two that support content within that website.  We develop as much content as we can within the customer budget every month.  The majority of 500 word articles will take about an hour to develop and distribute each.  For this reason, we find that clients have the ability to understand what we’re doing in a far more easy way, looking at how many hours they have booked against how many pieces of content have been developed for them.  Additional aspects of the process involves creating an on site structure for any article posted to the website that is favorable for search engines.  We also put each article that is distributed through a seeding process of posting it to social media feeds.  This is not a critical element in the process but it does give a certain amount of fast lift to a newly posted article.  This process is repeated over and over with new content and new articles being developed every month for the specific client.  Rankings are tracked over time and reports are presented to each client at the beginning of the month.  The strategy for that particular month will involve analysis of what happened in the previous month in order to appropriately target terms that are beginning to provide traffic, and put in the majority of our effort into the places where we are succeeding.  This continual process of analysis and distribution of more information on this subject has proven to provide rankings for any website that we have worked with over time.  Our clients are not greatly affected by algorithm changes due to the fact that everything we do is within the terms of service of google.  Generally, when we see in our them change have an impact on people’s rankings it will generally helps our clients because bad players are moved lower, clearing out the higher spaces for us.  If you would like more information on our SEO process and how we can apply it to your business, feel free to contact us for an evaluation of your situation.  There is never charged for any initial meeting or analysis, and there is no obligation to buy.  We do not use long term contracts of any kind, so if you are not satisfied with the performance at any time you can terminate the project.

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