Most of us who use social media extensively will favor a specific platform like Facebook and get the majority of our news, entertainment, discussion and visuals from it.  Facebook itself has become integrated into many of our lives as the source for much of what is happening in the world, provided to us through our news feeds, which are made up of friends posts.  These posts are generally being provided by a self-selected group of people who share your interests, so it will become apparent very quickly that you are being provided with a lot of information that you are interested in, on a wide variety of subjects.  Many of us fall into a very specific pattern of seeing something in our feed but not having time to read it right now, or wanting to save it for reading at a different time.  Most people will simply share the post to their own wall in order to bookmark it for their own reading later, as well as sharing it with their friends.  The problem is that it becomes difficult to find later, as your feed becomes more saturated with other’s posts, or your own posts bury the interesting post that you shared.  In a nutshell, it is difficult to find things that you have shared just to “bookmark” them.

A feature that few people realize exists in Facebook is the “Save” feature, which is a way to bookmark interesting items from your news feed for reading later.  The reason so few people utilize this feature is that it is not part of the standard layout that is created when you use Facebook on a daily basis.  The reason you don’t see the “Save” feature is because you have never SAVED anything.  Once you save something then you will see the list on the left side of your layout, along with the other lists you have.

Here is how to bookmark things on Facebook by using the “SAVE” feature:

  1. When you see posts in your news feed, they are marked with a time stamp directly under the name of the person who shared the post.  (Examples will be “28 mins” 1 hour” etc)
  2. When you find the timestamp, click it and you will be taken to the original post.
  3. Now that you have made it to the original post, click the small arrow on the top right of the post box, the dropdown will give you an option to “save post.”
  4. Save the post you want, and now the “SAVE” list will appear on your menu on the left side of your Facebook.
  5. Now that the feature is present, all items in your news feed can be saved to this list by simply clicking the rightside arrow on the post and hitting “save post” from the dropdown.  You will no longer have to navigate to the original post in order to save new items.
  6. Any time you want to see your saved items later, just click the “SAVED” list.

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