There are millions of small businesses out there who cannot afford to hire an seo company to do their seo tasks for them. When many businesses are starting out or struggling, cash is so tight that just to stay afloat the owner must begin to undertake tasks that typically would be taken on by people who have more training, but ultimately cannot be afforded at that point. This is unfortunate, and ultimately is the case with seo in many businesses. The business is struggling to get new customers and the best way to do that is through rankings on Google, but the competing businesses are outranking you because someone they have hired understands how to create higher rankings. You are now forced to compete with them in order to gain new customers, but ultimately you have little to no experience in how this is accomplished. This is very much like bringing a knife to a gunfight, you are simply outgunned and ultimately cannot win. For this reason, we feel that a basic plan to guide you as far as how higher rankings might be accomplished should be provided. No, you are never going to create the rankings that a professional seo company will get for you, but at least you can get into the game a little bit. So here is a basic plan on how local seo works, and some simple tasks you can do to improve your rankings a little bit.

  1. Use Google My Business: If you do not know what this is, just Google it. You will need a Google account to manage your listing, but you can create one or claim it if it already exists through the dashboard. In this dashboard you can fill in some basic information about your business as well as upload some pictures.  You can respond to reviews and even post some basic “blog style” information. Fill out everything as accurately as you can, and do not try and get fancy with keywords and things like that.  Just fill in the information honestly and it will populate the maps sections. It will probably not get you ranked in the top three, but it is a start.
  2. Use the front page, contact page, about us section and blog sections of your website to create “localization.” This means providing address information that mentions your city or service area. It means discussing what makes you unique within your local community, and providing information that will be beneficial to your local customers. It can also be information on the local area that will be beneficial to customers that might be only related to your business, like providing phone numbers and addresses of other services in the area that your customers may be looking for. The idea is to let Google know that you are local to this area, that you service this area, and that you are the expert on your products in this area.
  3. Create localized pages that are about your individual products or services, and use them as the page that you would like people to land on without going through your navigation.  Think of it like this, if Google indexed this page as the one that people would click through to, does it provide the information that they need to understand the product? Create different pages for each service or product you specialize in, and from each of these pages hotlink back to your front page using the keyphrase you are targeting. The strategy is to eventually have your front page be the one that Google indexes for everything, so you flow the power back to it through each of your focus pages.
  4. Your focus pages must have at least 500 words of written text about the subject you are discussing, going into as much depth as possible.  Longer and more in depth is better.  Google will not index pages that have only a few lines of content, and it prefers longer and more developed text.  Stick to writing at least 500 word paragraphs.
  5. Create content on article marketing websites that are also 500 words long, and hotlink back to the focus pages from them. This means that you will need to develop a list of article marketing websites to write and post on, and then creating profiles on them. You will write an article about that specific topic, then hotlink back to your site using either keywords, your brand name or a blind url. Try to not do keyword linking too heavily and do not always use the same keywords, try to stick to less than 30% keywords and more brand mentions. Look over the way that wikipedia interlinks between articles and you will get the idea. Do not send too many links back to your front page, and instead concentrate on linking to the focus pages that have a wider development of the specific ideas. Basically, think about the link as a way for the person reading to get more information on the topic.
  6. Write every day, or as much as possible. Your focus pages will not rank until there are links to them, so get the focus page developed then concentrate on writing articles in as many palces as possible with links back.  If you can find websites that will allow you to post that are closely aligned with your topics, Google will value those links higher.  They are very hard to find, but they are worth it.
  7. Never pay for links or blog posts. Never answer those emails that will give you a certain number of links for a price. If there is nothing but a link posted on a website with no content around it, Google will possibly penalize you for bad linking. It is best to avoid these types of links completely. Google says that paid linking is against their terms of service, and will be penalized. This means that if you found the website and can see that there is a price for the link, Google knows it too. Don’t do it.
  8. Become the authority on your subject in your local area. Get the word out by writing about it.

This is exactly what we do for our clients every day. We develop strategies that write about topics that our clients specialize in, and we post that content to their websites and on other websites that link back to them. SEO in 2018 is about content and writing, so if you cannot write then just hire someone to do it and save yourself the wasted time. You have to understand that rankings are a competition between you and other businesses who do the same thing as you. The website that is showing itself as the authority gets the rankings, and everyone else is below them. Ranking on the second page is worthless, and customers only click through the first six results or so to make a decision. Realistically, the lion’s share of clickthrough traffic goes to the first three results that Google lists, so work towards being in those positions. You are going to have to write more than you ever dreamed, and there is no way around that.

If you would like us to work on your local seo for your business, we specialize in affordable local seo. Our programs are retainer based, meaning that you are hiring us for a specific amount of hours each month and we are writing and creating seo techniques specifically for you during that time. Generally, a 500 word article along with about 10 social bookmarks for that article takes about 1 hour to do for a client, and most seo programs need at least 4 hours per month to show any results. The more competitive your industry is, the more time will be necessary to develop content for you. We try to keep our programs manageable and affordable for clients, and will only move forward with monthly programs that we feel will actually provide enough time to develop the necessary content for rankings within about a six month time frame. We understand that your success is our success as well.

Contact us directly at 702-997-1252 to discuss your local seo program for Las Vegas, or for any US city.