How to know if your SEO company is ripping you off

Have you ever got the feeling that your SEO company isn’t doing as good a job as they promised?  This is common, because the entire process of search engine optimization will generally take many months before results are seen.  This means that you are going to have to trust that the company is making progress during those months while you were paying them and not seeing first page rankings.  This can be even worse if you are not making any sales through the internet and are still paying them.  The salesperson probably gave you a long discussion as far as giving the process time, but how much time is necessary to get rankings that are going to provide business for you?  You need to realize when you are involved in a SEO program there’s going to be a certain amount of time that is necessary to gain rankings that are productive to getting new clients, but you should monitor the progress during this timeframe on your own.  When the company begins there work, they should give you the benchmark as far as where your rankings are for the terms that they are targeting.  You should see a constant progression towards the first page over the time frame that they are working.  For example, if you started on the tenth page of the search results for a term that they are targeting, in the first month you should move up a little bit to the ninth or maybe eighth page.  If it is not a return that has a lot of competition, you may move up to or a third or maybe even second page relatively quickly, but you can expect there to be a certain amount of time before you move from the bottom of the first page to the top.  This is because the majority of actual competition is seen in the websites that are displayed in the first 10 results.  That will often say that it is far more difficult to move up one position on the first page and it is to move up an entire page when you are talking about anything past page three.  The best thing you can do is to use your gut reactions to judge whether you think this process is moving as quickly as it should.  If it is not moving very quickly, as the company why it is taking so long.  Use your judgment as far as whether their answers are acceptable, because one of the possibilities is that they are not a good company.  There are different strategies that have different kinds of results, and you are going to need to know how to differentiate the companies that are not as good from the companies that are better.

One of the ways that SEO salesman will often try to gain new clients is to promise that they will get you land and in very quick fashion for certain terms.  You have to ask yourself if those terms are things that the general public will actually search for to find businesses like yours, or if they seem like they are terms that are designed to not have a lot of competition.  One example of this that is common amongst salesman is to include the word “metro” after the city they are targeting.  This means that instead of searching for your product and then the city that you are located in, you’re including the word metro after the city.  This narrows the amount of results that are presented, and makes it easier for the company to get to a number one position to show you.  The problem is that very few people in real world will include that word after the city name.  Is an example of how sales people will promise higher rankings for phrases that seem to make sense to your business, but they are ones that are actually hand chosen to be easy to get because they don’t have a lot of search traffic.  Once again you must trust your instincts as far as the terms that they are targeting in order to judge if they are being effective or not.  The most effective thing that you can do to judge whether your current SEO company is cutting it are not used to call us, and let us analyze if we can do a better job for you.

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