Inbound Marketing In Las Vegas

Inbound marketing is a technique that draws potential customers to your business using a variety of techniques.  It places your marketing materials in front of them when they are searching for your products or services. While there are many techniques that are used, one of the easiest to understand is search engine optimization. Using SEO for inbound marketing means crafting your website content in a way that Google recognizes you as an authority on a subject, then positions you in their search results for that subject. So if you are a dentist and you are located in Las Vegas,  you craft your SEO to make Google recognize you as an authority on the subject of dentistry. When someone goes onto Google and searches for “dentist in Las Vegas” your website is presented to them in the search results, making it one of the choices they have to get a new dentist. The concept of “inbound marketing” is that you are not pushing your products or services onto people who are not necessarily looking for them the way television ads or billboards do. Instead, you are only being exposed to an audience who is actively taking steps to find your products or services. This audience is far more potentially ready to choose you from the options they are presented.

Inbound marketing plans will generally combine a few tactics that are chosen based upon your business type and audience, based upon the evidence of these tactics working for other businesses that do things similar to you. Most inbound marketing plans will include a combination of SEO (search engine optimization,) content marketing, PPC and social media. This rounded approach will draw customers from channels that we know are methods that people are using to make buying decisions. A rounded inbound marketing plan is going to involve more investment than any single approach, but it will draw far more customers to your business because it is pulling them in from multiple areas.

The following tactics are utilized in our inbound marketing plans:

Website Design: We can design and build a beautiful website for your business, that is created with customer acquisition in mind.  It will be built specifically to impress customers while also ranking on Google. Not all web designers understand how to appropriately structure a website that can rank, and many times the design itself can hold your rankings back. Our designs are built to not only give you a beautiful representation of your business online, but also to give you the best ability to perform effective SEO.

SEO (search engine optimization): We manipulate websites (existing and ones that we build from scratch) in order to have Google and other search engines understand them better. This allows search engines to view you as an authority on the products you sell or the services you perform. This is accomplished through auditing the website itself and filling in all the blanks or correcting the SEO mistakes, then creating regularly released content that is placed onto your site itself. This gives search engines more content on your target subject to read, and increases their understanding that you are the authority on this subject. Generally, content is created for either the blog sections or additions to the pages of the website, and is appropriately interlinked within the site to push Google to a specific page that they will view as the most important. Google then ranks that page in a search, and customers find you when they are looking.

Content Marketing: This is the process of creating content that is placed on other websites, then linked back to yours. Think of it as promotional articles that people find on websites about a subject they are searching for, then they click back to your website because a link is placed in that content. It works very much like Wikipedia, where you are presented with a link to click that will give you better information. They end up on your site, and potentially buy from you.

PPC (pay per click): Pay per click is the utilization of paid ads on Google or social media platforms to drive people back to your website or social media profile. They are searching for a subject or discussing it on Facebook, then they see an ad for your business giving them an offer or information. When they click that ad they end up on your website or social media page, and a certain amount of money is paid for that click, deducted from a monthly budget that we set. PPC has the ability to drive immediate traffic in areas where organic rankings have not yet been achieved through SEO.

Social Media: We create, update and maintain your social media presence in a way that engages your audience and builds your following. This does not mean simply creating a Facebook or Instagram page for your business, and instead involves the updating of it regularly with posts that present your business to your customers as a conversation or information resource. Social media is about engagement, so we provide that regular engagement with your customers for you. Social media plans will involve meeting with you to discuss the message and subjects we want to present, and the visuals that we will use.

Website Maintenance: You website will need continual updating of code as well as information in order to remain modern and secure. We provide these updates as part of your program, using the hours necessary to do so. Because we cannot tell on a monthly basis what we will need to do for you, we simply deduct maintenance work from the total amount of hours we would typically be working on other aspects of the plan. This might mean that an hour is spent on website updates, so one less hour is spent on the content marketing.

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