A couple of months ago we wrote an article about the fact that Donald Trump was tweeting about Jeb Bush (while he was still in the race) and alluding to the fact that he had purchased his website and rerouted it to show Donald Trump’s campaign site.  We did a little digging and found out that this was actually a large scale publicity stunt designed to make Bush appear completely out of touch with the modern world, and therefor questionable as far as his intelligence.  How could someone running for president forget to renew his website, only to have it secured by a much more competent candidate? How could Jeb Bush be so unbelievably out of touch that he would let the very mechanism that he uses to generate campaign funds slip away on a clerical error, and forgetting to renew it? The answer is that it never happened, and Trump simply orchestrated a way for himself to look smart at the same time as making Jeb look stupid.  Trump purchased the rights to which had been owned by a totally unrelated company for years, in order to redirect it to his own website for as long as necessary. was never the campaign website of Jeb Bush, and instead was simply a url which was owned by someone else willing to rent it to Donald Trump for a month.

Want proof? Go to today, now that it is no longer relevant to making Jeb Bush look unintelligent and Donald Trump look smart.  A businessman knows that there is no reason to pay rent on  spaces that do not have any value.  Today, is right back to being what it always was, a clickthrough ad space squatting on a politician’s name.

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