Keyword Stuffing And SEO

Keyword stuffing is an outdated SEO technique can do more harm than good at this point.  In the distant past, Google attempted to understand the topic of a piece of content by analyzing how many times in word or phrase was used.  This meant that you wanted to rank on for a specific phrase, you would need to use that specific phrase multiple times in article.  There were also different positions that would have more impact than others.  For example, if you used a word or phrase at the beginning of an article and at the end, the search engines would assume but this was an important phrase because it was used in the introduction as well as the conclusion, the same way that a standard writing pattern would use.  People realized that the more times you used a phrase on page, the higher your rankings would go because the search engines assumed that this article was very in depth as a result of how many times that phrase was used.  Because of the overuse of this technique, Google need it to figure out a better way to judge the topic of an article, because people who wanted to rank high for a certain phrase could just use it over and over again without that article or the website having anything to do with that phrase.  Google began to experiment with the process of judging the topic of an article by not only the words that were used but also the comparative phrases.  When people write a natural way on a topic, they will typically use different variations of phrases to refer to that topic.  Google knew that his long as you can figure out comparative phrases that you would be able to more accurately judge the topic that was being written about.  Acted this was established, but Google was able to then begin penalizing people who were engage and keywords stopping techniques to rank higher.  This process allowed them to know the motivation of the writer, whether they were writing to convey information or simply to attempt to manipulate the algorithm to higher rankings.  Once they had established that they could understand the motivation of the writer by judging if they were engaging and keywords stuffing tactics, they were then able to begin penalizing those that did as a result, the current state of SEO will show that those who engage in keywords stuffing even accidentally will show lower rankings and those that do not, and potentially many even encounter penalization as a result.

It is best to not concentrate on attempting to use a specific word repeatedly on a piece of content.  Your target phrase should be used once or twice in natural positions within the text, and possibly as a tag describing an image, but should be shied away from more than that.  Once you use a word multiple times within a piece of content, you will find that it is possible to be penalized even when your intentions were good.  Avoid keyword stuffing to rank higher

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