Some Las Vegas advertising agencies are better than others.

One of the most unfortunate things with regards to the search for a new advertising agency or marketing company is that many times you are not actually hiring the firm that is going to produce the work. This is especially true in a town like Las Vegas, where there are several marketing firms competing for very large accounts. One of the most common themes among salesmen is to tell the client what they want to hear in order to make them feel comfortable, and figure out how to service the client later. Most traditional agencies do not actually staff specialized artists who work on specific projects like web design or online marketing, and instead choose to oversee the entire account and sub-contract out the specialized marketing. While this may seem logical, you must realize that you are getting a project that actually cost one-half as much as you were charged, as the marketing company who holds the account needs to mark the work up in order to cover the costs of running a large business. Few people realize when they contract one of the large Las Vegas advertising agencies to do a web project that they re actually hiring a smaller agency like Focus Internet Services, and the larger agency simply is calling us and telling us what the project specifics are and what the artwork should look like. Whatever is the final bill is then doubled, and this is charged to the client.

There are those who understand that there is a premium involved in keeping your brand under the control of a single agency, but those same people probably do not understand that traditional marketing firms sub-contract to web firms, yet web-firms rarely sub-contract back to the larger agencies. This is because the specialized skills that online designers have are an expansion of traditional skills, and those who develop online marketing pieces can easily design fliers, billboards and magazine ads. Traditional artists cannot necessarily design web-projects, however, and this makes all the difference in the world. When you are looking for your new Las Vegas advertising agency, ask them if they do the work in-house. The answer may suprise you.