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Focus Internet Services is an effective and affordable, boutique Las Vegas advertising agency. We have decades of experience in advertising and marketing for businesses, as well as creation of businesses and brands from the ground up. We have experience in all forms of advertising both traditional and digital, ranging all the way from billboard design to social media influencer development and viral video. Our process is to combine the traditional methods that we know will work with cutting edge and experimental methods that nobody has tried yet. Want an example? How about this one:

Wax Hair Removal Bar was a small waxing salon chain with two locations, one in Canada and one in Las Vegas. They had already created their brand and business systems, and just needed to get the word out to their potential customers. They had very little budget to do it. They hired us to build a new website and do local SEO for Las Vegas and Vancouver. We also helped them with the other forms of online marketing like social media integration and “Google Business” setup. After some time, they found themselves near the top of search results and found that Google was now their biggest source of new customers.

We had been thinking for some time that Youtube videos were starting to play a role in organic rankings, so as an experiment we asked if we could produce some videos of the services and build them a Youtube channel. Our thoughts were that if we could get some views to the videos, it might help our local rankings go up even more. We took one day and filmed the videos ourselves, then edited them into nine videos that showed the waxing services. These were posted to the new Youtube channel, and we went to work spreading the word online that the videos existed. We did this using social media and other online spaces. People took notice, and told their friends.

After one year of being online, the videos on Wax Hair Removal Bar’s Youtube channel had gone over one million views. Within two years those videos had more than 35 million views. We were right when we thought video views would boost rankings, and after that the SEO was easy. Today, the Youtube videos have more than 70 million views and more than 148,000 subscribers, making it the most popular waxing video channel in the world.

Don’t believe us? Here is the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYPpja9WZkGPz2fqDSLsRIg

You can learn more about this project and others on our Las Vegas video production page.

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