Focus Internet Services Digital Marketing is the premier source in the local Las Vegas area for companies who need top positions for business success. As the top Las Vegas SEO, many businesses have utilized our digital marketing products and services over the years.  We specialize in all things web. Our primary business model is providing marketing services using the process of writing, streamlining and cleaning up of written content on your internet property. Our successes are attested to all across the web, and we currently rank highest on many lists for customer satisfaction in many marketing categories ranging from SEO to web design, reputation management to social media.

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We are here to assist you with your rankings project, and use a retainer model is you wish to purchase our SEO services.

ABOUT Focus Internet Services

We pride ourselves on being the best online developers, programmers and Las Vegas SEO experts. We concentrate on the aspects that influence rankings when we create websites, always paying attention to optimization for search engines as we create the visual layouts. Businesses use us to build custom websites that are not only beautiful but also have the ability to rank on Google, because our main product is Las Vegas SEO. There are many factors that must be considered for a web project to be successful, starting with the programming. We specialize in providing websites that use clean and streamlined code to decrease load times and optimize customer experience. We are a web development company as much as we are an SEO company.

Raymond Santopietro is the CEO of Focus Internet Services Digital Marketing in Las Vegas Nevada. The majority of business functions take place right here in Las Vegas, with sonly some tasks being handled by virtual partners who are not physically located here. The majority of our team proudly calls the Las Vegas area home, and as a result have an intimate knowledge of it. Our team members love Las Vegas, love working with computers  and learning the latest programming languages, as well as simply creating SEO program basics.  Our main strategy is developed by Ray for each and every client, and re-evaluated every month.

Ray’s goal when he started this business 11 years ago as to build a Las Vegas SEO team that would both understand and also be able to execute the most effective SEO principles within client projects. Websites designed and SEO projects creating high rankings for clients have been the driving force to making us one of the most effective and largest SEO companies in Southern Nevada.


SEO is not necessarily a set of learned computer programming skills like those associated with advanced programs. Instead, SEO functions in a combination of elements ranging from onsite text strategy that will command Google’s attention and get prompt indexing to a careful strategy surrounding the types of links that come back in to the site from external content.  It has to do with the language and codes that will display the website on different types of computers. It has to do with web interfaces and understanding how Google views the programming of internal pages  and connected apps. The content of the website works in unison with the programming to determine where your site will be positioned on search engines for specific search phrases.  This placement is critical for all types of sites ranging from affiliate websites to those that generate ad revenue through affiliate marketing to those that simply sell items online.

We build SEO friendly websites. We also build websites for any market that isn’t necessarily interested in rankings but just needs to present a good face to the clients. We have built nearly every type of website for nearly every type of client,  and the programming really is what makes SEO a career, instead of just a hobby of building websites. Digital marketing is as much an art form as it is the exploiting of elements that are understood by any good Las Vegas SEO Firm to influence rankings. Our goal is to deliver a great website and great rankings, no matter what type of site we have built. Our work involves technology as well as artistic eye. We build both clean and artistic as well as creative sites, because our passion is building websites. Las Vegas SEO companies may only concentrate on rankings, we try to see the whole picture and deliver a program that ranks your site high, while also giving you something you are proud to show clients.  Our high-quality work is our passion, and not just routine client work.



Las Vegas SEO Companies are in the business of creating rankings. Las Vegas SEO companies typically are not going to want to be involved in the other aspects of your marketing because they are only looking at their monthly rate contract. Some will even get you to sign and then outsource your work to a cheaper company. Las Vegas SEO companies are notorious for only wanting to get your contract, and not so concerned after you have become just another contact to them.  Our main concern is that you make money and you look good.

We will just come out and say it, with regards to Las Vegas SEO companies we are the best. We approach your project the best way, we constantly test our SEO work and strategies, and we strive to remain a cutting edge SEO company. Our satisfied clients have great rankings and beautiful websites. We are not saying that other SEO companies are not good. We are simply saying that we want to earn your business and your trust.  Ther are a lot of companies for you to choose from, so we have found that the best strategy is to simply do a great job.


SEO Companies are pretty much all going to use some version of the same strategy.  They are going to create a website, build links, write blog posts and other technical aspects that you need. There is nothing wrong with this, and you will probably do all right. SEO is based on high-quality content and links, which is what is going to be the difference between an SEO expert and someone who might be able to get a few results. A good SEO company is going to work hard continually to keep you ranking. It is an ongoing process to keep a website ranked number 1 major search engines, and we follow a process we have proven time and time again to provide the best results:

  1. Create a site that will rank. Las Vegas SEO is not necessarily the exact same thing as web design, and a web designer is not necessarily know the elements that might hinder Google ranking. We make sure that the content on the site is top. We will re-write content that already exists if necessary. Our writers are trained in SEO, and are qualified to create content that is on topic and is beneficial to your customers..
  2. We work on the existing elements of your site, as well as creating fresh content for both your site and other places on the web. SEO success comes from the intersection between these links from other sites and the content on yours. We create blog posts, social media posts, press releases and also great quality content for your website.

We only use high-quality content which is hand written, it is unique to your site, and is found nowhere else on the web.

In addition to the written content, we also promote your quality content on other site, seeking mentions, backlinks, and the offsite recommendations that give SEO juice to your website.

  1. We work constantly to get your site to rank on search engines. We do the things that google wants us to do. Other companies are good, but the best Las Vegas SEO company is going to be one that keeps you ranked well. We are that company.

SEO in Las Vegas is not just about marketing websites, but also getting professional SEO that provides great results. We do both onsite and off page SEO work. Our SEO process will keep you ranked higher than your competition on search engines.

It is hard work coding a website and providing the elements that will get it ranked higher. SEO companies specialize in this process, but only those with a passion for it can rise to the top. Digital marketing, SEO and SEO consulting as well as web design make us the premier company in the Las Vegas area to help you outrank your competition.  We have spent the last ten years specializing in SEO, and we can use that experience for you.


If we can help you with something, contact us through any channel on our site. We won’t be spamming you, so it’s safe to give us your info.

Las Vegas SEO is what we do.  We strive to do great SEO for you, as well as web design. Las Vegas is a unique city and SEO in a town with this level of competition should be left to a company specialized in digital marketing. Digital marketing is what we do, and as a result we are the oldest and most trusted Las Vegas SEO firm. We understand the search engine algorithms and we can get you the rankings you are seeking.