Las Vegas SEO Company

SEO is a process that can be applied to websites in any location, from anywhere where we can find an internet connection.  For this reason, SEO does not have to be provided for your business by a SEO company that is located in the same city as your physical location.  We work with businesses from all over the world on their SEO projects, and will be able to provide the same great results for them no matter what city they are located within or service.  One question we will continually be asked, however, is “if my business is in Las Vegas, should I use a Las Vegas SEO company?”

The answer to this question is actually pretty simple.  The services that your SEO will provide to you are the same tactics that would be applied to the website no matter where the business was located, the only differences being that the “geo-modifiers” will be specific for the city that you are locally targeting.  This means that we would target “Las Vegas SEO company” for ourselves instead of “Lake Havasu SEO company” if we didn’t have any offices in Lake Havasu (which we do, BTW!) The process aside from that difference is the same, and can be performed from anywhere that we can access your website through the internet.  In that capacity, SEO is not bounded by any specific city and you do not need to hire a company from your local area.

The benefit to hiring a Las Vegas SEO if your business is located in Las Vegas is that we can physically come to your offices and meet with you in person.  There are many aspects to the SEO on your site that will involve your guidance to us, and provide us with a better understanding of the unique features of your business.  The fact that we are local in Las Vegas gives us the ability to meet with you whenever you want, as opposed to it being difficult for us to make the trip to visit.  These “in-person” meetings prove a better clarification and understanding on your part as far as what we are doing, what processes we use, and what expectations you can have.  It is more difficult to have these conversations over the phone, so we prefer to work with businesses we can meet with in person.  Does that mean that we cannot get great results if you do not live in Las Vegas? Of course not, it is just easier to communicate with you if we can meet you face to face.

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