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Las Vegas SEO For Contractors

Las Vegas SEOLet’s face it, most contractors have pretty terrible websites.  As a matter of fact, most contractors have marketing that is pretty awful all around.  This is probably because the majority of contractors are used to a time when jobs were secured in a different method, with the job being gained through a personal reference from one person to another talking about how good of a job they did and whatever their specialty was.  If you had a kitchen installed, the contractor expected that if the customer was happy with the job they would tell all of their friends who did it, and as a result they would get more business of the same type.  This type of word of mouth marketing it’s becoming less and less prevalent in the age of the Internet, and what we find now is that the majority of people you end up booking a service appointment with the company have done so by researching on the Internet.  People don’t talk in person as much as they used to, and now it is far more common for someone to get suggestions as far as almost any type of business from either Google or Yelp or one of the other testimonial companies that offer websites that will present customer information and reviews about local businesses.  For this reason, we find that business is now being secured by the companies that have the most five star reviews or the best websites instead of the ones who have been relying upon customers to tell their friends directly. Today, people speak to the Internet the way they used to speak to their friends, and those good reviews and testimonials that you used to find driving people to call you are now being posted online for masses of people to see.  Unfortunately, so are the bad reviews then end up costing you business.

Internet marketing starts with search engine optimization and also extends into social media and reputation management.  These different elements all make up the profile that you present to the public which is researching different companies in your space and comparing them in order to hire someone.  The first step is to be found in the 1st place, and the only way that is going to happen is through search engine optimization.  Having a website is not good enough anymore, and you can assume that just about every business is going to have a website.  The website itself is just a place where you can show off your work and provide contact information for people to hire you. But this is the same thing as creating a magazine ad that shows your best work along with your logo and a catchy slogan, and never actually placing it in the magazine.  SEO is a very specific process, and the way it works is by creating content that gets posted on your website or on other websites that link back to you.  This content has to be written in a very specific way that will ultimately make Google understand that you are an authority on the topic that is being written about, and they should rank you in the highest position because you have the best information.  The content needs to be continually Created as brand new and totally unique articles that are important to people and provide them with information that they need.  This content then needs to link back to the targeted pages on your website that you would like to rank for that particular term, and the most information on that subject needs to be found on the target page. Create content every day and position it all over the Internet in as many places that you can find to post things. Do this enough and ultimately you will rank higher on search engines and be found by the customers that are looking for you.  if you don’t have the time or the skills too write articles every day, then just hire a professional to do it for you.  We are the leading search engine optimization company that is specialized for contractors In Las Vegas. Contact us today.

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