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Focus Internet Services is a marketing and advertising agency that specializes in using the internet as a form of exposure for businesses to reach customers. At the foundation of nearly every online marketing program is the business website, and if search engine optimization or customer conversion is of any importance to the project at all, a well designed website is crucial to success. Many times, we will inherit an existing website from another company, as it had just been redesigned or built, only to show poor performance with regards to the actual project. Many times, the website itself is to blame for the inability for potential customers to find your business on search engines or through social media marketing efforts. Many businesses do not realize that the structure and design of the website has a great deal to do with where it will be placed on search engines, and thus how many customers can find you when they search for your products. Many business owners make the error of assuming that if a website looks good, it must perform well as well. Nothing is further from the truth, and many designers will actually compromise the ability of the website to rank well on search engines through use of coding techniques that look good artistically, but are frowned upon by search engines. To assume that your designer understands how to design a website with functionality in mind is a grave mistake.

Focus Internet Services designs websites with the specifications of the project in mind. If there is no desire to rank well on search engines, the website is designed from that point of view. If the need to find new customers by being represented on Google is present, then an appropriate design will be put forth. The way the website is designed is a very large determining factor in how well it will index.

We are a Las Vegas web design company, working from a physical office in Las Vegas but able to design websites for any business, located anywhere in the country. While it may be more convenient for us to meet with you in person, that may not be an option if your business is located in another state. Do not worry, as this is not a factor in providing superior results for your project. We can design, program, host and launch your website without ever meeting you in person. Out team of Las Vegas website designers interacts with our designers in other states to provide a seamless coordinated effort to get your project finished.

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