Why Local SEO Is Crucial

Las Vegas SEO (Las Vegas Search Engine Optimization)?

“Localized” SEO is the understanding that a large percentage of your business comes from people searching for you from within your local community. More than 40% of all searches performed include a localized keyword component, and when it comes to targeted traffic, people who plan on physically going to your brick and mortar location will include the city in the keywords nearly 96% of the time. Focus specializes in “localized” SEO for businesses that operate within a certain geographic location, and understands that capturing top results for localized searches is what creates real customers, and not just random traffic to your site. We are especially in tune with Las Vegas seo (search engine optimization) because our office is located here in Las Vegas, NV. While Las Vegas SEO is accomplished predominantly by listing your website with the directories below, we also understand that within our unique community there are literally thousands of resources catering to Las Vegas that would be missed by an out of state company who doesn’t specialize. We understand the local Las Vegas community because we live here, and our localized Las Vegas SEO search engine optimization programs show unparalleled results in both traffic and conversions.