The Local SEO Expert (and why it isn’t as important as you would think)

Do not get me wrong here, the majority of our customers come from our local area here in Las Vegas, so to discuss the benefits of hiring an seo expert from your local area with a company that has the majority of it’s customers within their local area might seem strange if they tell you that it really isn’t all that important (at least from a technical sense.)   The process of search engine optimization or local marketing using the internet for any business is pretty straight forward, we attempt to create a situation where your business website or internet presence is shown higher in search engine results than your competition.  This is because statistically far more people will click on the first result over the second, and far more people will click on the second result over the third, and so on.  By the time you hit the sixth result or so (the place where people begin having to scroll down) you are generally dealing with less than three percent of the total traffic.  This shows you the importance of having the best result possible for your website.

Simply building a website does not create a high ranking on a search engine, that is accomplished through ongoing expansion of the ideas and concepts that the site is about.  Yes, this means that in order to gain a good position, you are going to have to write a lot of content on the subject and place it within a website structure that is easily understood and indexed by Google.  Then, in order to keep that position, you are going to have to keep creating new content all the time.  The content has to be original, and it has to be relevant.  In a nutshell, you have to be the leader in your field, and in order to be the leader in their fields most people don’t have the time to sit and write about it.  That is why they hire seo companies to do it for them.

When you hire an seo company, you need to trust that they are going to be able to produce results.  Basically, you are hiring an employee to work in their field in order to produce results for you.  There is no guarantee that they are going to succeed, you are simply leveraging the best possible people for the job and trusting that they are going to do their best for you.  From a process standpoint, this is where the mechanism of search engine optimization kicks in.  Even though there is a certain amount of creativity with regards to how the content is written and the structure of the media on the website, the process itself is not different in one geographic area over another.  There are certain aspects of localization that are specifically designed to tell search engines what is your defined local business area, and to get you viewed as a part of the searches that should be presented in that area, however the process itself is the same for any area you are dealing with.  This means that the geographic area that the seo company itself calls home is not relevant, as long as they understand the process.  NOTE: Using seo companies or marketing agencies from other countries is not wise because Google understands how to look for broken English through sentence patterns.  Because many seo companies outsource the writing of content to India as a way to generate content quickly and cheaply, Google caught on to this process as applying to many companies that are trying to specifically generate rankings, and not necessarily present the best information on the subject.  Because of this, much of the content that is written in “broken English” does not do very well to help your rankings.

The hiring of a “local seo expert” is really based upon the trust level you can achieve with customers who have the ability to speak face to face with a salesman or representative of the company.  Because it is far more difficult to explain the process that is used and answer complicated questions via phone or email, an in-person meeting will generate a trust level far more than any other type.  Therefor, seo companies that have local representation through salespeople on the ground, or a local office, will do better at customer trust than those who never get to meet the people who you are working for.  This is really the only factor in play with regards to being a local company, and having local clients.  Does  the fact that we are located in Las Vegas help the rankings of our clients who are also in Las Vegas? The answer is absolutely not.  We will achieve successes just as easily in Chicago, San Francisco, New York or Boston, because the process is exactly the same wherever their business is located.  The fact that we are local is simply an ability to prove that we are real people, doing real work for you, but being able to be met in person.  That, and of course, that we are the best at what we do!

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