Localized SEO

Most people do not realize that there are two very different aspects to search engine optimization in 2014. Global seo will apply to businesses that are not brick and mortar and anchored to a specific geographic location, and servicing only that physical market, and local seo which is more geared towards a geographic area and the customers who are physically located within that area. The two different kinds of seo are very important to consider when you are crafting your strategy, because if you do not take localization steps and yet you are a localized type of business, you reduce your chances of actually showing up on search engines for two reasons; first, you are attempting to compete with global results which is going to make the competition pool far too large. Two, you are not telling Google the specific things that they are looking for in order to localize your listing, and therefor you are not going to be considered within the localized listings to the degree that you should.

Localization on Google involves a Google+ personal account linked to a Google+ business page, and the completion of the verification process that is associated with it.  This will let Google know that this particular Google+ page is linked to this particular website.  You then must verify the connection from your website as well by including “pub” and “author” metadata.  This will help Google to understand that your business is local to an area, and is also within a certain suite of products, services and topics (which it understands from your website content and your business page information.) You do not need to keyword stuff the localization end of things (as in stuffing your city name int every bit of content) because Google already understands where you are from.

Global seo does not involve the localization methods, and is a more traditional form of manipulating content in order to gain a higher organic ranking within the entire sphere of competition from  all areas.  Only businesses servicing a global audience should attempt to not localize, and understand that unless there is very little competition in your field, it is going to be very difficult to rank on a global level.

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