What makes a great marketing company?

What makes a great marketing company?

Very few business owners understand the specific elements that make us a really great marketing company, and as a result a great deal of them make the wrong choices in the advertising firm that they choose to represent them. Marketing is not just about pretty pictures or cool ads, but has much more to do with the specific goals of a campaign and the methods that are used to achieve those goals. When a salesman is leading the conversation and telling a business owner what they need in order to make their marketing more successful, he is undeniably going to say that the things that the business needs are the things that the salesman sells. It is a rare case when a representative from an advertising or marketing firm does not sell the services that are necessary for a campaign to succeed, and this is probably because the salesman is not thinking about what is best for the client, and instead is thinking about what is best for the advertising agency he represents. If the service you need is not in the suite of services offered by the agency, there is little chance that the salesman is going to tell you.

Big Bulldog SEO started as a consulting firm, working with businesses to make accurate choices in the directions to take their marketing, and the vendors that could provide those services for a fair price. We were hired to assess the goals of the business and provide advice as far as the best vendors to accomplish the goals. We noticed that were were using the same vendors over and over again, and decided that it would be a good idea to simply utilize their services as part of an overall campaign, thus becoming an agency ourselves. This allowed our clients to simply give us a goal to accomplish, and we could utilize our sources to make it happen.

Marketing is the process of exposing your business or service to potential customers, but in our opinion goes far beyond that scope into assisting the business to make more money. Where marketing stops is the potential customer coming through the front door of a business, or landing on a website. We realized that marketing is more powerful if we understand the mentality of the potential customer, and assist the business in formulating a plan of action beyond the customer walking through the door. We think of marketing as the creation of customers, and that includes the transitioning of new potential customers as well as the conditioning of old customers to be better. Our desire is to maximize all aspects of the customer experience for the client, and therefore our “marketing” goes beyond the front door and into conversion techniques, analysis, flow patterns, etc. The makings of a great marketing company are an understanding of the wants and needs of customers, and the assistance we provide to our clients to better service them.

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