How To Market Using Twitter

How To Market Using Twitter

Twitter has grown far beyond the “What are you doing right now” concept that it was born from.  It is now being used in ways that Biz Stone probably never dreamed of, and for important knowledge spread, social communications and relationship building.  Companies have been trying to define how it is used for years, only to have it expand right before their eyes.  Companies like mine (Las Vegas SEO) now have people dedicated only to utilizing the Twitter platform for our clients in any way beneficial to the program.

1. Share Links

Sharing interesting links on Twitter is easy.  All you have to do is keep it under the character limit of use a url shortening service.  This is one of the simplest ways to communicate with people of like interests, by allowing them to find the links you have found.  Be social and share the knowledge.

2. Build A Network

Searching for certain topics and friending interesting people in those subjects, as well as posting your own thoughts on subjects builds communities, and networks.  Assembling communities of like minded people is the purest form of social networking.

3. Content Distribution

Twitter is a fantastic way to seed content that lives in other places, like your personal or company blog, your website or forum.  Seeding the viral spread of content through the Twitter service is as easy as typing the URL.

4. Public Relations

Discussing your product, brand or opinions actively with people who have something to say about you is invaluable.  Picture good customer service being allowed to be viewed by everyone at the same time.  Unhappy customers want to talk, and can become your most loyal customers if they feel that you handled the situation correctly.  Happy customers will also talk if they have an opinion, especially if you make it easy for them.

5. Watch Your Brand

Staying involved with your brand means understanding what people are saying about it.  Through Twitter you can search for mentions of your brand, and get involved in conversations if need be.

6. Building Your Brand

Discuss your company and brand on Twitter.  Company communications with the public used to be difficult.  Today, there is an open mic for your company to use to grow that customer base.

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