Never hire an SEO Company That Offers Cheap Backlinks.

Never hire an SEO Company That Offers Cheap Backlinks.

There are several strategic elements that every┬áSEO company┬ámust offer in order to achieve the results that a client is looking for. Chances are the SEO company that you contracted developed a strategy of web design, content writing and a link-building program to develop a large amount of inbound links to your website. They may have also discussed social media programs and PPC in order to increase organic rankings as well. At the heart of the discussion is not actually rankings, it is sales or exposure for the business that are gained through organic positions on search engines. It is not optimization for optimization’s sake, it all boils down to sales at the end of the day. Many internet maketing and seo companies look at their jobs in microcosm, that their only real task is to achieve rankings increases at any cost. This can work against the long-term growth of a company, and many business owners do not even realize it.

A good SEO company looks at the project as advertising, and the ultimate building of the business through the exposure mechanism that is their expertise, search engines. Taking a short-term view of quick rankings increases is fine, as long as you are not doing it utilizing techniques that can hurt rankings in the long run. Google and the other search engines have many filters in place that are constantly searching for those who are attempting to cheat their way to the top, and the best way to expose yourself at cheating is to succeed very quickly. Basically, a brand new website that rockets to the top of the rankings comes under immediate scrutiny from the Google filters, and they begin an intensive process of looking at what happened to get the website there. If you cheated your way into the position, you can expect to get caught and penalized sooner or later. This usually happens in about the first six months or so. This is also why so many SEO companies are fired after six months, becasue the rankings suddenly drop and the client wants an explanation. Another possibility is that the business owner attempted to do SEO on their own by using cheap programs to get there. When the rankings progress stalls or drops, the business owner has no idea why.

If you are pitched the solution of tons of cheap links to your site in order to build your rankings, you will probably do more damage than good by participating in the program. The real problem is that a business owner will generally think “it is cheap, so if it doesn’t work I have not lost anything.” The problem is that now that you have built links that are poor quality, you have exposed yourself to Google filters that you are participating in a linking program and attempting to cheat your way to the top. You can expect a penalty of some kind depending on the severity of the participation. Build millions of garbage links, and expect to be banished to the bottom of the index. Attempt to salvage your rankings by participating in a quality SEO program and you have just made things far harder on yourself because you cannot get rid of those problem links that Google has now recognized and flagged you for.

A potential client recently contacted us becasue they could not get their site to rank on the first page for their localized term that described the business. They were trying to rank in the first few results for “computer repair Las Vegas” but had stalled at about the eighth position and could not get higher no matter what they did. This frustrated them because they were writing good content, had a decent website and decent code, and offered a good product. They contacted us becasue they knew what was wrong, which was a lack of links to the website. When we researched the backlinks that existed, we found that they had participated to a moderate degree in a link-farming program involving purchasing text links on blogs that had achieved a good pagerank. While this strategy has the ability to work short term, it will damage the rankings eventually due to the fact that the sites attempted to fool Google by allowing hundreds of links (even though there was a small amount of wrap text) to be presented on the front page in a long string of sentences that had nothing to do with one another. The websites were obvious link farms, and Google does not respect the links from these types of sites as quality. For an example of these types of sites go to billy chaka (dot) com. It is written out so that we are not penalized for linking to it in any capacity. If you review the text you will see it starts the paragraph with actual text and then begins to blend in purchased paragraphs that include text links. Because of the volume and the lack of continuity, Google can easily see this as a link scam, designed for no other reason than building links to websites. Every website linked to this example is being penalized by Google, or will be penalized in the future. Not only did the website owners pay for this, they have no idea it is actually driving their rankings down. Even worse is the links on the page to dating sites and pornography, which really get the full wrath of the filters. Association with these types of sites can destroy your rankings forever.

These types of links are offered very cheaply because a compute simply fills your paragraph into the website once you have paid a fee. There is no human element to complicate the process and make it cost more. In reality, Google is looking for links that it considers “quality,” and an SEO company that is participating in these types of bad programs simply to show the client that links are being built will ultimately destroy the rankings in the long run. In a nutshell, links must be built the hard way in order to help your rankings. This means human written and posted in a natural manner, imitating true organic growth but in a slightly accelerated fashion. It takes time, talent and work. It takes a great SEO company and it takes money to pay them for their talents. If you want to succeed in the long run, do it right.

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